3. References
For detailed references, go to the Ramon Llull Database by Prof. Anthony Bonner (University of Barcelona)
1. Palma, BP, 1036 (XV 1ª m.). 1-56v
2. Munic, SB, Clm. 10544 (1449-1450). 214-263v
3.   Vaticà, Apostolica, Ottob. lat. 1278 (XV). 109-129
4.   Sevilla, BC, 7-6-41 (XV). 312a-342va
5.   Palma, BP, 1068 (1511). 1-51v
6.   Milà, Ambrosiana, N 260 Sup. (1566). 1-54v
7.   Palma, SAL, Aguiló 84 (XVIII). 49-112v
8.   Madrid, BN, 17714 (XVIII). II, 1-58v

Manuscripts 1 to 6 in the above list were used for this translation.
The 6 said manuscripts are accessible on line at the FREIMORE, the Freiburger Multimedia Object Repository - Albert - Ludwigs - Universität
by entering "geometria nova" in the search box and following the links.

Illustrations for Figures 35, 36, 37 and 38 are from the Palma 1036 ms., courtesy of Prof. Anthony Bonner of the Maioricensis Schola Lullistica.
Also used for this translation was a fragmentary Latin transcription of the New Geometry  in
El libro de la «Nova geometria» de Ramon Lull, ed. José M.ª Millás Vallicrosa, (Barcelona: Asociación para la Historia de la Ciencia Española,  1953), 53-104.