bullet1 Truth

I Truth

Definition: Truth is what is true about goodness, greatness, etc. And verification is what is true about bonifying, etc.

Clarification: This means that there is concordance between truth and verification as between existence and action. Hence, truth has concordance in existence and action within itself and also in goodness, greatness, etc., so that essential truth gives rise to the verifier, verifying and verified in which the said concordance remains intact as do the truth's final existence and action in goodness, etc. as well as the concordance of the truth's own intrinsic end with the ends reached in truth by goodness etc. and this concordance would be annihilated if truth did not initiate its own act. Now there is one supreme truth with the said conditions that is the causal origin of all other truths, and all other truths are directed to it.

Nature: The essential intrinsic correlatives of truth are: the verifier, the verified and the act of verifying.

Without truth, everything would be false and convert into non being and impossibility.

Truth is the principle of this Art that enables the artist to grasp its conditions and to attain true objects: as the verified object is an image of the verifier, verifying and verified, so is the artist's knowledge of its conditions; now verification, as an image of the verifier, is an image in the artist's mind where he can knowingly reflect on the true object he desires, requires and seeks.