bullet1 Glory

K Glory

Definition: Glory is the bliss in which goodness, greatness, etc. rest.

Clarification and distinctions: This means that the glory that is greater in itself than in anything else is the origin of all glory that is greater in something other than itself. The glory that is an end in itself is supreme on account of itself and its own goodness, greatness, etc. while all other glory reaches toward this glory as an effect to its cause. Now this supreme glory needs no glorification outside itself, so that nothing external moves its glorification as it glorifies itself in itself and by itself in the repose of its own goodness etc. And this glorifier has its own innate constituent glorified, glorifying and glorifiable parts so that the repose of glory in the goodness, infinity, eternity etc. of glory does not remain idle. Consequently, glory that cannot rise to such lofty repose in itself or in goodness, etc. is a lower image wherein our practical intellect can investigate and contemplate supreme glory as its own supreme bliss.

Nature: The correlatives of glory are declined as follows: the glorifier, glorifiable and glorification.

Without this glory there is nothing but punishment, affliction, toil and devastating sorrow.

The reason why glory is a principle of this Art: knowledge of glory with its conditions and disposition directs the artist's intellect to find admirable solutions derived either explicitly or implicitly from glory or bliss by comparison or assimilation as the investigating intellect ascends and descends to higher and lower glory.