Ars Brevis

bullet1 13. Teaching this Art

Part 13 - The last part - How to Teach this Art

1. This part is divided into four parts. First, the artist must have thoroughly memorized the alphabet, the figures, the definitions, the rules and the layout of the table.

2. Second, he must clearly explain the text to the students through reasoning, without relying on other authorities, and the students must prepare themselves by reading through the text, and they must put any questions they have about it to the artist or teacher.

3. Third, the teacher must put questions to the students and solve them rationally according to the process of this Art, for without reasoning, the artist cannot make it work. Here we should note that the Art has three friends, namely intellectual subtlety, skill in reasoning, and good intentions, for without these, no one can learn it.

4. Fourth, the teacher must ask the students to solve the questions he puts to them. And he must tell them to multiply many reasons for one and the same conclusion, and also to identify the loci where the answers are found and where reasons are multiplied for the answers. But as long as the students do not know how to give answers, multiply reasons, or find loci, the artist or teacher must show them how to do these things.


The End of this Art

To the honor and praise of God and for the public good, Raymond finished this book in Pisa, in the monastery of Saint Donnino, in the month of January of the year 1307 of the Incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.