Ars Brevis

bullet1 Foreword

The abridged version of Ars Generalis Ultima

"God, with your grace, wisdom and love, here begins the abridged Art, which is an image of the General Art."
And the General Art begins thus:
"God, with your supreme perfection, here begins the General Art."

We wrote Ars Brevis to facilitate the understanding of Ars Magna. Once Ars Brevis is understood, Ars Magna as well as other Arts become easy to know and learn.The subject of this Art consists in answering all questions, on the condition that the meanings of the terms are known.
This book is divided into the same thirteen parts as Ars Magna:
1.  the alphabet 

2.  the figures 
3.  the definitions 
4.  the rules 
5.  the table 
6.  evacuating figure three 
7.  multiplying figure four 
8.  the mixture of principles and rules 
9.  the nine subjects 
10. applying this Art 
11. questions 
12. how to learn this Art 
13. how to teach it