Ars Brevis

bullet1 9. Subjects

bullet2 3. Heaven

3. The Third Subject, or Heaven

Heaven has natural goodness, greatness, duration etc. And this is its definition: heaven is the prime mobile substance.

In heaven there is no contrariety, as it is not composed of contrary principles. In it there is natural instinct and appetite, and therefore there is also motion without which it could not have any natural instinct and appetite.

However, in heaven there is beginning. It is an efficient cause of things below, and it is made of its own specific form and matter, so it can act in its own special way.

Its motion is its end and its repose.

Heaven is in its own locus, like a body enclosed within its surface.

And heaven exists in time, as it is new; and it also exists in time as an efficient cause in its effect. And likewise with its other accidents, each in its own way.