Ars Brevis

bullet1 9. Subjects

bullet2 7. The Vegetative

7. The Seventh Subject, or the Vegetative

In the vegetative there are specific principles and rules with which plants act in their own specific ways. Pepper acts in its specific way, and so does a rose, and a lily etc. The principles of the vegetative are denser than those of the sensitive, and the principles of the sensitive are denser than those of the imaginative. Here is its definition: the vegetative is the power whose proper function is to vegetate. It vegetates elemented things in its own way, like the sensitive that senses vegetated and elemented things. The vegetative transubstantiates the elementative into its species by way of generation, and it lives, grows and feeds on it. The vegetative dies when the elementative runs out, just like a lamp light dies when the oil runs out.