Ars Brevis

bullet1 11. Questions

bullet2 1. The First Figure

Chapter 2

Questions about the First Figure

1. Question: is there some being in whom the subject and predicate convert in identity of essence, nature and number throughout the entire first figure? And the answer is yes, or else the conversion of subject and predicate, as well as equality would be absolutely destroyed, so that eternity would be superior due to its infinite duration, but its Goodness, Greatness, Power etc. would be inferior because of their finiteness, which is impossible.

2. Question: in which being do the subject and the predicate convert? And the answer is that this being is God, because such a conversion can only occur in an infinite end eternal subject.

3. Is the bonification in divine goodness as great as the intellection in divine intellect? 

4. Question: why is God's innate agency as great as his innate existence?

5. Question: what enables God to be totally powerful with his entire being?

6. Question: why are man and animal not convertible? The answer is that conversion cannot occur between superior and inferior things, but only between equal ones.

7. Question: are the power, intellect and will of an angel convertible? The answer is no, or else it could have an act as infinite and eternal as God's.