Ars Brevis

bullet1 11. Questions

bullet2 3. The Third Figure

3. Questions about the Third Figure

We said that in the third figure, each principle is applied to the others. And so we ask:

20. Does contrariety apply to goodness, greatness etc. as much as concordance does? And we say it does not. Now contrariety applies to them with privation and opposition, whereas concordance applies to them with addition and agreement.

In the third figure it is said that goodness is great. And so we ask:

21. What is great goodness? And we answer that great goodness is the one which agrees with all the principles and their correlatives without any contrariety or minority.

22. Question: where is goodness? Go to camera BI and follow the signifiers.

24. Question: what is goodness made of?

24. Question: How does goodness exist? Go to cameras BD and BK, and follow their signifiers. And likewise with the rest.

25. Further, we ask: when is the intellect universal and particular?