Ars Brevis

bullet1 11. Questions

bullet2 7. The Table

7. Questions about the Table

51. Question: is the world eternal? Go to column BCD and maintain the negative answer. And you will find in camera BCTB that if it were eternal, there would be many different species of eternity, which would be concordant by camera BCTC against camera BCTD, which is impossible. Thus it follows that the answer to the question must be negative, and rule B proves this.

52. Question: can God be as infinite in his greatness as in his eternity? Go to column CDE and camera CDTC, and maintain the affirmative answer against camera CDTD.

53. Question: can God do as much with eternity as with intellect? Go to column DEF and camera DETD.

54. Is God as powerful in his powering as in his understanding and loving? Go to column EFG. And maintain the affirmative with camera EFTE, and with camera EFTF, and with camera EFTG until you have exhausted the entire column.

55. Are God's intellect and will greater than God's virtue? Go to column FGH, and maintain the negative answer through all the cameras of this column, as you draw upon the meanings of the cameras.

56. Is divine truth as virtuous due to its equal correlatives, as is divine will? Go to column GHI and maintain the affirmative answer with all the cameras of this column.

57. Do God's innate virtue, glory and truth have the wherewithal to be equal and removed from time, place and minority? Go to column HIK, and maintain the affirmative answer through all the cameras.