Ars Brevis

bullet1 11. Questions

bullet2 8. Evacuating the Third Figure

8. Questions about the Evacuation of the Third Figure

In camera BC, it is said that goodness is great. Now let us ask:

58. Is goodness great?

59. What is its greatness?

60. In what do goodness and greatness agree?

61. Can they agree without difference?

And the answer is that goodness is great, as shown by the definition of greatness; and its greatness is in having its own correlatives, as shown by the second species of rule C. And they are concordant because goodness is great in greatness, and conversely. And they can in no way agree without the difference of their correlatives.

This is enough about the evacuation of the third figure, for the sake of brevity. The things we said about it can enable the artist to make and solve questions with the other cameras.