Ars Brevis

bullet1 11. Questions
bullet2 11. 9 Subjects

bullet3 3. Heaven

11.3 Questions about the Third Subject, or Heaven

73. Does heaven move on its own? We answer that it does, so its principles can have their own substantial correlatives in all its constellations.

74. Does heaven move locally? We answer that it does, as it moves in a circular way within itself and within things below, but it does not move outside itself. This is because it does not and cannot have any action outside itself.

75. Does an angel move heaven? The answer is no, because if it did, its active correlatives would be inferior to its passive correlatives, and thus it would not move the elements and elemented things with its form, but with its matter, which is impossible.

76. Question: does heaven have a motive soul? The answer is yes, or else the sensitive and vegetative would not have any motive soul, nor would the elements be in motion.

77. With the first species of rule E we ask: why does heaven exist? And we say that it is because it is made of its own form and matter.

78. With the second species of rule E we ask: what is heaven for? And we answer that it is in order to enable motion in things below. And this is enough about heaven, for brevity's sake.