Ars Brevis

bullet1 11. Questions
bullet2 11. 9 Subjects

bullet3 5. The Imaginative

11.5 Questions about the Fifth Subject, or the Imaginative Faculty

88. Question: does the imaginative have its own way of imagining imaginable objects, just as the sensitive power has its own way of sensing sense objects?

89. Question: what causes the imaginative to draw species from sense data?

90. Question: what is the imaginative?

91. Does the imaginative have correlatives?

92. Does the imaginative increase itself by increasing its act?

93. Is the imaginative a higher power than the sensitive?

94. Does the imaginative have its own specific instinct and appetite?

95. In which way does the sensitive impede the imaginative's act?

96. Why is the imaginative not as powerful in sense objects as is the sensitive? Go to the subject of the imaginative.

97. Question: does the sensitive sense the imaginative? The answer is that lower powers do not act on higher powers.