Bl. Raymond Lull
Doctor Illuminatus

bullet1Part I

bullet2 The Essence of Chaos

1. We understand that the essence of Chaos is divided into four parts, namely igneity, aereity, aqueity and terreity. 

2. Now igneity contains in itself its own essential ignificative, ignificable, ignification and ignificatum. Aereity, likewise contains in itself its own aerificative, aerificable, aerification and aerificatum. The same applies, likewise, to aqueity and terreity. 

3.  The ignificative is an active form, and its own passive part, namely its own matter, is the ignificable, which is of the ignificative's own essence, and ignification is the act of the ignificative in the ignificable, and the ignificatum comprises the whole substantial fiery being naturally constituted in igneity; and this likewise applies to aereity, aqueity, and terreity. 

4. In the essence of igneity, form is entirely contained in matter and vice-versa, and the same applies to the three other essences, and everywhere within the lunar sphere, all four essences are mixed in a mutual confusion of each one with the three others: as the ignificative and the ignificable join together in confusion they ignificate the aerificative and aerificable, and conversely they also aerificate; and as they ignificate the aqueificative and aqueificable, conversely they also aqueificate, and as they ignificate the terreificative and terreifiable, conversely they also terreificate. And thus, the four essences all move and are moved simultaneously and instantaneously throughout one another in so subtle a way, that all four are found mixed together in every infinitesimal point of the Chaos.