Bl. Raymond Lull
Doctor Illuminatus

bullet1Part I

bullet2 The Existence of Chaos

1. The ignificative, aerificative, aqueificative and terreificative essentially add up to one common form, which we call the universal form. Likewise, the ignificable, aerificable, aqueificable and terreificable essentially add up to one common matter, which we say is prime matter, and from both of these, namely the said form and matter, there results one existing being, one substantial entity, that we call Chaos.

2. What we call Chaos is the subject in which, and of which all natural beings within the lunar sphere consist, as it contains in itself all five universals, ten predicates, and all  causal seeds, all created together in the very same instant with the prime Chaos; but note that these things add nothing at all to the essence of Chaos, rather, we say that they were created in the Chaos from which all things can be produced through various transmutations.