Bl. Raymond Lull
Doctor Illuminatus

bullet1Part I

bullet2 The Four Elements

1. There are four elements, namely fire, air, water and earth; they are the four powers through which the essence of Chaos essentially influences elemented things. And the four elements receive influence in the way that Chaos influences them with its four essences,  namely igneity, etc. And so fire draws its own line, or point proceeding from Chaos into all the species within Chaos that essentially belong to the nature of igneity, and the same applies likewise to the other elements, each in its own way. 

2. Fire contains in itself its own form and matter, which are of its own essence, and moreover, fire seeks to be one substantial entity, i.e., one simple body, with no extraneous essence standing between its own form and matter, and the other elements also seek this freedom for themselves. Therefore, to explain why each simple element seeks to be a simple body, we say that the four essences of Chaos were created simultaneously, and grouped in the confusion of Chaos, and blended in an exceedingly subtle mixture on account of the optimal concordance which they achieve, although not without some mutual contrariety. As opposites naturally repel one another, each of the four simple elements seeks to exist as a simple body on its own. Fire thus seeks the said concordance by ignificating the other elements to put an end to their opposition and break away from them; and the other elements do likewise, thus we understand how generation and corruption exist.