Bl. Raymond Lull
Doctor Illuminatus

bullet1 Part I

bullet2 The Intrinsic and Extrinsic Operations of Chaos

1. As the ignificative operates in the ignificable and on the ignificable as form on its own subject, intrinsic natural operation proceeds; but when the ignificative operates on the aerificable in order to convert it into the essence of igneity, this is extrinsic operation, meant to sustain the intrinsic operation. And the same applies to the other elements.

2. As igneity operates in its own essence as well as in aereity, aqueity and terreity, and as aereity operates in the same way, and so do the other essences, the first degree of Chaos is produced when the essences of Chaos produce one Chaos, and the form common to Chaos produces Chaos from prime matter; here, the operation or action of Chaos - given the total passivity of matter - consists in disposing this matter so it can be instilled into the third degree of Chaos.

3. In the second degree of Chaos, the first degree had a dual operation, namely intrinsic and extrinsic, and the intrinsic operation came first, because the second degree was located and situated in the first; and it also operated outwardly because all the species in this degree were created as instruments so that the first degree could transmit its essence from itself to the second, and from the second to the third, from the third to the fourth and so on in sequence until the end of the world.

4. In the third degree of Chaos substance operates within substance through the mode of generation and corruption where each part exists in the other parts, as in an elemented supposite in which we understand that fire transits into air and vice versa, air into water and vice versa, water into earth and vice versa, and earth into fire and vice versa, so that each element operates in all the other elements, yielding one common form compounded from four simple forms and one common matter compounded from four simple matters; and under this form and matter, compound supposites exist in other species and essences which are not the species or any of the said elements, nor are they of the same species as the things that go into their composition, as we can see in a grain of wheat and in other species.

5. In the generation of a generated grain and the corruption of the grain generating it, we understand that there is a dual operation of the generating grain, namely extrinsic and intrinsic; the intrinsic operation is the one which the generating grain initiates within itself, and as it exists in itself it transmits the influence of its virtue through a medium, namely the first degree of Chaos, into the generated grain which is external to the essence of the generating one.

6. Form operates within itself to make another form under which the producer produces its own shape from passive matter, for instance the shape of a man, a grain or some other species.

7. Accidents are generated and produced within substance, for instance extended quantity is produced throughout the whole body from the intensive quantity of form and matter; and the same applies to quality, which arises within substance as the form of fire acts on matter by heating, lighting, lightening or brightening this matter so that the entire choleric supposite is calefactive within and outside itself, as we see in material fire when it burns things up, as well as in other supposites of this kind, and the same applies to the other elements in their own way.

8. In the essence of substance, form is the locificative as well as the temporificative etc. principle, where a supposite exists in matter under form, and matter is the locificable, temporificable etc. principle, as the parts all move within each other, so that fire in this supposite enters into air, water and earth; and air into water, earth and fire; and the same applies to water and earth, and their mutual ingress involves locus, motion and time, without which the said mutual ingress of the elements would be impossible, as there would be no mixture of the elements, and without mixture, there would consequently be no composition in supposites. Now all the above shows very clearly how accidents are produced within substance and show up in external shape.

9. The elements cannot give rise to substance without accidents, and therefore accidents arise within substance. Form quantifies quality with quantity, and form qualifies quantity with quality, the same applies to the other accidents, and it is very difficult to know these accidents as they operate in a real and a very secret way within substance so that through their operation they show up outside of a substance as the shape of this substance. Each accident goes into the makeup of this shape while the form, or real presence of each of them resides within substance, where it is practically inaccessible to the senses.