Bl. Raymond Lull
Doctor Illuminatus

bullet1 Part II
10 Predicates

bullet3 P - Situation

P - The Situation of Chaos

a.1. The situation of the first degree of Chaos is made of igneity etc. which are the essences of Chaos, as the ignificative ignificates the ignificable of its own essence and of other essences, namely air etc. and likewise, the aerificative aerificates, and likewise with the others, so that the four simple forms are one common form of the Chaos and the four simple matters are one simple matter of the Chaos, while this Chaos exists as one substance composed of one form common and universal to all particular forms, and one matter common and universal to all particular matters.

2. One compound quantity composed of the quantities of igneity, aereity, aqueity and terreity and extended throughout the entirety of the substance, relation, quality etc. of the Chaos, was created and situated in the first degree of Chaos. Now this quantity is universal to all the quantities of the third Chaos, and the same applies likewise to the situation of relation, quality etc. in the first Chaos, and this situation is universal to all the situations in then third Chaos.

3. In the prime Chaos are situated in potentiality all the forms and matters that are to be in act in the third Chaos and whose substantial and accidental subject is the prime Chaos , so that the universal form is the subject of all particular forms and the universal matter is the subject of all particular matter, as is universal accident to particular accidents, and thus when generation proceeds in the third Chaos, then whatever is to be brought into act transits through the third Chaos as one supposite generates another from itself and from the first Chaos communicating itself to the third.

4. Causal seeds are seeded and habituated in the prime Chaos, namely the species which God created in the prime Chaos and which He created by creation and then brought to act in the second by creating the first man, the first lion, the first eagle, the first olive tree and things like these, so that through the second, the third is situated  through the mode of generation in the first, as the first human generates the second human, the first lion generates the second lion and so forth.

5. In the prime Chaos, the four elements are situated and instilled into the third where they are situated throughout the supposites they compose, and just as the prime Chaos is composed of the four essences of the elements and situated under one form common to the four forms and one matter common to the four matters of the said essences, so likewise, as the four elements flow from the prime Chaos into the third, each and every supposite in the third Chaos is virtually composed of and situated in one form aggregated from and situated in the four forms, and in one matter aggregated from and situated in the four matters of the elements. But there is a difference, namely that the composition of the first degree is crude and undigested, whereas the composition of the third Chaos is digested due to the frequent entering of its parts into each other, and therefore the simple elements are situated in the prime Chaos and in the third, as we said, since they are in confusion in the first degree, but as they flow into the third, they are depured of their confusion and the simple elements enter into the composition of the third, now in each and every supposite there is the simple form and simple matter of every element, resulting in one compound form and one compound matter composed under this form in every existing supposite.

6. The four elements are situated in the first and third Chaos, namely in the air we breathe, and in all the water that can be sensed, like oceans, rivers etc. and in the entirety of earth that we can sense, which is the center, as well as in the fire we sense; and all four of the said supposites, namely air, water, earth and fire, have the simple and compound elements within themselves, and each supposite has in itself its own simple form and matter as well as the simple form and matter of each of the others. Therefore the four simple forms situate one compound form and the four simple matters situate one compound matter, and each of the four parts of the elemented sphere is composed of these.

7. The four spheres of the elements are situated in the first degree of Chaos, the upper sphere belongs to Air, the uppermost to fire, the lower sphere belongs to water and the lowest to earth, these spheres are circular, and fill the entire concave space which exists beneath the lunar globe, and because every element is present throughout every other in the entire Chaos, the entire Chaos is mixed and diffused and hence each essence of each sphere is accidentally present throughout the essence of every other sphere through all of the Chaos, since the subject of the said four spheres consists of the simple elements blended with the utmost subtlety throughout the entire Chaos.

8. In the third Chaos, the elements are ranked and situated by degrees, as we see in pepper, in which fire is in the fourth degree, earth in the third, air in the second and water in the first, where each degree exists in every other degree so that all the parts are blended under one common form and one common matter to denote that the spheres of the elements are all within each other, so that the mixed elements ascend and descend and natural appetite and natural motion are caused by their ascent and descent.

9. The four elements are situated within species distinct from themselves, such as the species of man, lion, eagle, olive tree etc. Within species, vast numbers of individuals are situated, in whose substance accidents are situated, and conversely; like color in the substance of wine, and conversely; and the circular, triangular and square figures in substance, and conversely; and accidents are mutually situated, as for instance color in quality, and conversely; and the collocator in the collocated and conversely, and likewise with other things like these.

10. The prime Chaos is situated in the third, and conversely; as the whole is in its parts, and conversely. And the prime Chaos exists in the third, like virtue within substance, or color through the entire inside and outside of substance; and like the sensitive throughout the whole vegetative, and conversely.

b. We just described how the Chaos is situated in the principles of substance and accident, now let us look at how the five powers are situated in the Chaos.

1. Four acts are situated in the vegetative, namely: attraction, retention, digestion and expulsion. These four acts were created in the prime Chaos where the ignificative seeks its own ignificable, and seeks to heat air, to receive dryness from earth and to mortify coldness in water; these principles are at the origin of the appetitive, retentive, digestive and expulsive powers in the third Chaos, following in order from the second Chaos, where these four powers make up the vegetative power in which the four said powers and the four said acts are situated, in plants, animals and metals.

2. The sensitive power was created in the prime Chaos, its acts were situated in the second Chaos and introduced from the second and first into the third as the acts of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. This power is the sensitive form in which the five senses are situated, and it is in turn situated in the vegetative power, like light in fire, as the vegetative is sensed and subjected to the sensitive while the sensitive is a substantial form which apprehends corporeal things so that the supposite aggregated from the sensitive and the vegetative senses things actively with the sensitive just as it senses them passively with the vegetative, as we see in a lion who senses color by seeing it and who also feels hunger by sensing its own vegetative, in its own substance which is passive inasmuch as it can be sensed by the sensitive power, which is entirely active and free of passion.

3. The imaginative is situated in the sensitive in the third Chaos; it had been created in the prime Chaos as a faculty causing animals to imagine the things they need. In man, this imaginative power is situated below the rational power and above the sensitive power, so that objects absent from the senses can be imagined by the imaginative and represented to the intellect which then measures the sense objects. We understand that the imaginative power arises through generation, so that there is a greater natural relation between the father and the son, and so that the Son of God as a Person can participate to the utmost with human nature through incarnation as He received the imaginative along with the other five senses from his blessed Mother throughout the entirety of the vegetative, sensitive and imaginative, making Him a perfect man.

4. Further, the soul desires the resurrection of the body all the more, since the imaginative deals with corporeal things and not with intellectual ones; and given that each and every human is due to resurrect with his own body, the imaginative of each human must be conserved habitually in the prime Chaos.

5. The rational power was created in the third Chaos, but only in man. It is situated above the vegetative, sensitive and imaginative. This is because the vegetative, sensitive and imaginative are rationalized - so to say - when they make up one supposite together with the rational power, and these powers are situated in this supposite so that the supposite is composed of a body and a rational soul situated in itself and in its essences, namely in essential memory, essential intellect and essential will from which the soul is produced, as we showed in previous writings that deal with S.

6.  The motive power is situated in the prime Chaos, as the ignificative moves its ignificable, the aerificative moves its aerificable and so with the other elements. This is the universal motive power under which Chaos is aggregated and composed; and so it follows that as universal form moves in universal matter, i.e. in prime matter, it moves all the natural forms that rule over the secondary matters situated in the third Chaos.

7. The motive power is likewise situated in the third Chaos, as active form moves passive form in supposites, and as one supposite generates another when the third Chaos moves itself toward the first by receiving influence from it, and conversely, as the first communicates itself to the third.

8. Likewise, the motive power in man in the third Chaos is situated in four powers, namely the vegetative, sensitive, imaginative and rational. Each power exists in all the others throughout the entire rational power while the latter moves the others, so that the sensitive moves sensibility within itself, to enable generation and corruption in the vegetative, and likewise the imaginative is moved by the rational to imagine objects, as the rational moves the sensitive so it can sense and move the body, and so forth.

9. Intrinsic and extrinsic operations are situated in the Chaos, and they are situated likewise in the situation of Chaos in the green, red and saffron triangles. This is clearly evident as F.G. discourse through the terms of T.