Camera CL
1. Because in GOD, Goodness, Greatness, Eternity & the other Dignities are one identical number, it follows that in GOD there is Concordance of Power and object.
2. Created being is subject to great Concordance of power & Object; & thus Concordance makes power & Object agree in unity & in plurality.

Camera CM
1. Due to the great Concordance between power & Object, the human intellect draws likenesses of real beings so as to reach & obtain them in reality.
2. The Concordance between a power and an Imaginary Object is not as great as the Concordance it has with a real object, & this is because Greatness & Concordance have more entity in a real object than in an imaginary one.

Camera CN
1. The great Concordance of power & Object signifies the great Concordance  of Genera & species in unity & plurality.
2. The great Concordance of power & Object signifies the great Concordance of individuals & Species in unity & plurality; & the same applies to the great Concordance of individuals & genera.

Camera CO
1. When the subject of motion is greater, there is greater Concordance of Power & object.
2. In greater motion, there is greater Concordance or contrariety between mover & mobile.

Camera CP
1. As there can be no Concordance in Unity without Plurality, & as Unity cannot be great without Concordance, in Unity there must be Plurality & Concordance of power & Object.
2. Without Difference there can be no Plurality, & without Plurality there can be no Concordance between power & Object, & accordingly, Difference must exist.

Camera CQ
1. Abstract considerations of power & Object always imply abstract considerations of Greatness & Concordance.
2. The Power of abstract Greatness & Concordance descends to accept its Object in concrete considerations, & therefore the Concordance between power & Object begins in abstract things, & is perfected in concrete things.

Camera CR
1. Greatness & Concordance can exist in such great Intensity that in them, power & Object can be simple beings without any composition at all.
2. The compound Extensity of Greatness & Concordance consists of diverse essences in creatures; & in this kind of extensity, a power cannot attain any simple Object free of composition.

Camera CS
1. The more a power & its Object are alike, the greater is the Concordance between them. And therefore the power develops the Similarity between itself & its Object.
2. When a power receives its Object with Unlikeness between itself & its Object, it develops great Contrariety between itself & the Object.

Camera CV
1. Generation which exists in great Concordance between power & Object is free of Corruption. Therefore, the remembering, understanding & loving of the Saints in glory are incorruptible beings.
2. When a power relates to its Object with great Concordance, it relates to it without any Corruption of itself or of its Object.