Camera EL
1. In GOD, the Unity of Goodness, Magnitude, Eternity, Power, Wisdom & Will is one Principle, which is the intention & end of these Dignities.
2. In GOD, Power, Principle & Intention are one & identical, & therefore all creatures were created for one principal end, for which all creatures are naturally meant.

Camera EM
1. Because Power has greater entity in a Real being than in a fantastic one, Real beings are intended to have priority over fantastic ones.
2. Because Power can do more with the first intention than with the second intention, real principles take precedence over fantastic beings.

Camera EN
1. The ends of species participate in the united Genus of Power, Principle & Intention, where the ends of individuals also originate, & so their corruption begins in the dissolution of the Genus.
2. Without any Intention there would be no Power, & without Power there would be no Species, & without Species there would be no individuals, & therefore all natural movement in beings is moved with Intention.

Camera EO
1. The motion of active & passive powers is the Beginning of active & passive Intentions; & therefore the active power begins in the first Intention and the passive power begins in the second Intention.
2. Intention moves from potentiality to possibility, and therefore Intention arises in the active power before arising in the passive one.

Camera EP
1. The unity of Power, Principle & Intention cannot exist without Difference among the powerer, powerable and powering; the initiator, initiable and initiating; the intender, intendable & intending; nor can all three exist as beings without Difference.
2. Because Principle & Intention cannot exist without Plurality, & as plurality cannot be without Difference, it follows that Power contains plurality in Difference, & Difference in plurality.

Camera EQ
1. Power in the Abstract is the Principle of many Intentions, so it can contain the Concretes of its own essence & of the essence of Principle & Intention. Therefore, in natural beings, the composition of Power, Principle & Intention is a union of simple things.
2. In natural things, first Intentions live on second ones, & thus Power & Principle exist in abstract beings by the second Intention, & in concrete ones by the first Intention.

Camera ER
1. Intensive Power appears more strongly in the first Intention than in the second one, & this is because Principle has greater entity in the first Intention than in the second one.
2. The Intensity of the first & second Intentions appears in the Extensity of Power, Principle & Intention, & the composition of Intentions appears in the Extensity of Power & Principle.

Camera ES
1. Power & Principle send out their Likenesses with which they intend to manifest their secrets, & therefore first Intentions are signified by second ones.
2. The Unlikeness of Power is impossibility, the Unlikeness of Beginning is infinity, the Unlikeness of Intention is idleness; but the Likeness of Power is possibility, the Likeness of Beginning is finiteness, & the Likeness of Intention is diligence; & therefore in the Likeness & Unlikeness between GOD & creatures there is both Concordance & Contrariety.

Camera EV
1. The acts of empowering, initiating, intending & generating are concordant, & therefore Power & Principle have a nobler act of generation in the first Intention than in the second one.
2. In elemented things, Power & Principle are in Generation by the first Intention, and exist in Corruption by the second Intention, & therefore Intention is a nobler principle in Generation than in Corruption.