Camera HL
1. GOD's intrinsic Goodness, Greatness, Eternity, Power, Wisdom & other Dignities are one identical number, and thus the operation that GOD has in himself & in creatures has greater virtue than any other operation. For by reason of the unity of GOD's Dignities, not one can be lacking in any of the others, for instance: by reason of Greatness, Goodness cannot be subjected to smallness; & by reason of Goodness, Greatness cannot be subjected to evil, & likewise with the other Dignities pertaining to GOD.
2. The operation that GOD works in creatures has greater virtue than the intrinsic operation of any creature, and its virtue is greater than any creature's capacity to receive influence from GOD. Consequently, there are miraculous supernatural operations in creatures: & creatures have greater virtue in GOD than in themselves.

Camera HM
1. There is more Virtue in real beings than in imaginary ones, because imaginary beings are accidental, and the work of real beings. And imaginary beings are for the end of second intentions, whereas the end of real beings exists for the end of first intentions.
2. As one real being has more Virtue than another, its operation is more virtuous than the other's. Thus, through imaginary operations, the secrets and the noble qualities of real beings are revealed .

Camera HN
1. As Virtue is greater in one Genus than in another, so is operation more virtuous in one Genus than in another, & consequently operations are nobler & greater in Virtue in some species than in others.
2. The major Species are those in which the more virtuous individuals exist; & thus some individuals have greater & nobler operations than others.

Camera HO
1. As some kinds of Motion are greater & nobler than others, some operations have more Virtue than others. Accordingly, major virtue in Motion augments major virtue in operation. Therefore, my Son, if you want to know about major operations, you should know how to recognize major Virtue, which you can tell by its major Motion, and you can recognize major Motion if you know how to distinguish its major End.
2. Motion has more Virtue in active things than in passive ones, therefore, operations have more Virtue due to active things than due to passive things. And thus, appetite is naturally greater in men than in women, in the soul than in the body, & in magnets than in iron.

Camera HP
1. Unity that has essential Plurality in itself, has more Virtue than Unity with accidental Plurality in itself. Therefore, essential & substantial operations are nobler than accidental ones.
2. Virtue cannot be major without Plurality, because virtue can neither be active nor passive without Plurality, nor can it have any operation within itself, nor any subject or object; & Therefore plurality is naturally desirable.

Camera HQ
1. There is more Virtue in natural operations than in artificial ones, & consequently, natural Abstract beings have more virtuous concretes than artificial ones.
2. Greater & more virtuous Concretes are manifestations of greater & more virtuous essences, & this manifestation displays greater & more virtuous operations. Accordingly, men are enlightened to choose better operations.

Camera HR
1. Intensive Virtue is signified by intensive operation, & major Intensity signifies major operation & Virtue. Thus, Intensity is a mirror in which simplicity is signified.
2. Just as Virtue operates more in Extensity than in Intensity by reason of composition, likewise, Virtue operates more in Intensity than in Extensity by reason of simplicity. Accordingly, virtue naturally requires both intensive & extensive operations, so as to have Concordance with Majority.

Camera HS
1. Acquired virtues are Likenesses of natural, essentially substantial virtues  which transmit their Likenesses outside of substance so as to be understood & loved through them. And the more they transmit these Likenesses with major Virtue, the more they are understood & loved.
2. Vices consist of Unlikenesses of Virtues which exist inside and outside of substance. And therefore, by contrast, major Unlikenesses of the Virtues signify  major operations of the Virtues' major Likenesses.

Camera HV
1. If there is any Generation without Corruption, such Generation is greater in Virtue than Generation with Corruption; & this is because incorruptible operations have greater Virtue than corruptible ones.
2. Major Corruption of Virtue signifies major Generation of Virtue; & accordingly, major evil operations signify major good operations.