Camera IL
1. In GOD, there is neither falsehood, nor injury, nor inequality. And consequently, GOD is far removed from falsehood by Truth, from injury by Justice, & from inequality by Equality; & this distance is infinite.
2. There can be no Equality between GOD & creatures, as GOD is infinite, but Creatures are finite. However, according to Truth & Justice, there must be some Concordance whereby Creatures can be removed from the Contraries to Justice & Truth.

Camera IM
1. Truth & Justice are more Equal in real things than in imaginary ones, & so there cannot be as much Truth, Justice & Equality in second intentions as in first intentions.
2. The more the intellect equates Truth & justice in its understanding, the better it is proportioned for understanding the Truth about things; & accordingly, truthful & just men are subtler than false & injurious men.

Camera IN
1. In the Equality that Justice produces from Goodness, Greatness, Duration &c. in judging, Truth produces Equality of Goodness, Greatness, Duration &c. in verifying. And this production is a Genus in which genera & Species are proportioned.
2. The Equality of Truth & Justice is general to the proportions found among individuals; therefore, Equality & proportion are concordant.

Camera IO
1. Equality is a subject in which Justice moves many things toward Truth; & likewise, Truth moves many things toward Justice in the same subject. And as much as these movements are greater & better, so much farther are Truth & Justice removed from inequality, injury & falsehood.
2. Justice can be moved by Truth, and Truth can be moved by Justice; & therefore sinful men move falsehood with injury & injury with falsehood.

Camera IP
1. Justice & Truth are equal in Unity & Plurality, because Unity belongs equally to both. And just as Truth must comprise one essential verifier, one essential verifiable & one essential verifying, so must Justice comprise one essential justifier, one essential justifiable, & one essential justifying. And just as Truth must comprise the Plurality & equality of its essential concretes, so must Justice comprise the same Plurality & equality of its essential concretes. Therefore, Truth & Justice are preserved by Equality, & corrupted by inequality.
2. Without Unity & Plurality there can be no Equality of Justice & Truth. And  therefore, it is fitting that in Justice & Truth there be Equality of Unity & Plurality according to the course of nature, & that men love Justice as much as Truth.

Camera IQ
1. Truth & Justice are abstract beings, & their Equality exists in concrete beings; & when they are not equal, their inequality also consists in concrete beings, & therefore, truth can oppose injury and justice can oppose falsehood.
2. As Equality increases among the concrete beings of Truth, Justice has a greater subject in Truth, & therefore, Justice can grow in the extension of Truth.

Camera IR
1. Just as Truth comprises the intensive Equality of the verifier, verifiable & verifying, so does Justice comprise the intensive Equality of the justifier, justified & justifying; & thus, in the mixture of both, there are simple & compound beings.
2. Truth & Justice are extended by Equality & restricted by inequality; & therefore they are known in their Extension, &  their opposites are recognized in their restriction.

Camera IS
1. Truth is clothed with Justice, & Justice with Truth, & their clothing is equally measured with their Likenesses, so that Truth & Justice are friends.
2. Falsehood & injury are the Unlikenesses of Truth & Justice, & the Equality between falsehood & injury is the Unlikeness of the Equality between Truth & Justice. Therefore, judges can make knowledgeable decisions by considering the said Likenesses & Unlikenesses.

Camera IV
1. Equality among the justifier, justifiable & justifying is a subject in which Equality among the verifier, verifiable & verifying is generated; & proportion is the food from which this Equality receives nourishment, & therefore, there is Similarity between Equality & proportion.
2. Inequality between Truth & Justice is void of proportion, & so it is a subject in which Truth & Justice are corrupted; therefore, inequality between Truth & Justice is very dangerous.