1. This Section is divided into nine Parts entitled B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, K. Each part is further subdivided into nine parts: the first is about BL; the second about BM, & so on through to Camera BV.
2. In the Questions on B, the first one corresponds to the first Proposition found in the Third Section under BL; & the second Question corresponds to the next, or second Paragraph under the same Heading BL; & the rest follows in the same order And the Solutions to the Questions are indicated in the Third Section, by taking in the meanings of the Propositions, & likewise, by forming Cameras with the Second Figure and taking in the meanings of the letters. And if you, my Son, cannot formulate a Solution, or understand an issue, then recur to the Third Section, & to the loci indicated to you when you form a Camera in the Second Figure, for instance: Camera BL,CM refers you to Heading BL, to Heading BM, to Heading CL, & to Heading CM; & under these four Headings found in the Third Section, you can find four reasons that will enble you to solve a Question made of terms related to the said Camera.
3. As we are dealing with this Tree in brief, my Son, not all the Questions are solved in the text; but only one Question is solved in each of the nine Parts, & we do this to show how this Science is applied to questions in practice; & the theoretical part consists in knowing the meanings of the Cameras.
4. You should know, my Son, that by following the practical method of this Science as exemplified in the Questions we solve, you will be able to solve other extrinsic Questions; provided that you know how to follow the process of this Art in mixing the Principles with one another, as well as with the Rules & Flowers of the Tree, while preserving Concordance with their Definitions in your affirmations and negations.
5. In each Part, my Son, you must know how to use the Rules, & so we made the first Part of the Questions with the First Rule, the second Part of the Questions with the Second Rule, & so on in sequence with the rest. And you should know that the Solutions to the Questions are indicated by the species of the Rules, & especially by the Definitions of the Principles in the Flowers of this Tree, as you make the Definitions concur with the species of the Rules in your affirmative and negative statements; & know that the practice of this Science consists entirely in this.

Questions about BL
1. Question: Do Divine Goodness & Eternity have as much power as Divine Wisdom & Will? Solution: BL, EP.
If Goodness & Eternity in GOD did not have as much Power as Wisdom & Will, then Goodness & Eternity would not be one identical number with Wisdom & Will. And the Unity in the plurality of mutually distinct essences would be destroyed; & Wisdom & Will would have the first intention, & Goodness & Eternity the second. And this would give rise to an evil principle of Contrariety between power & object, which is impossible. And this impossibility indicates that GOD's Power is as great in Goodness & Eternity, as in Wisdom & Will.
2. Question: Does GOD love the world with a major Magnitude of Goodness, Eternity, Power, Wisdom, Will, Virtue, Truth, Glory, Concordance & End? Solution: BL,GS.
3. Question: Can there be any good operation without Difference? Solution: BL,EN.
4. Question: Are the species from which the human intellect forms its imaginary understanding, creatures or not?  Solution: BL,EN.

Questions about BM
1. Question: Does the intellect reproduce imaginary species, or does its object reproduce them? Solution: BM,EN.
2. Question: Does the human will multiply species in its loving? Solution: BM, GN.
3. Question: Does a mirror reproduce the likenesses of the object facing it in its line of sight, or does the thing facing the mirror reproduce its likenesses in the mirror? Solution: BM, EO.
4. Question: Of the potential & the object, which one is more properly the subject of imaginary species? Solution: BM, ES.

Questions about BN
1. Question: Does the Intellect, when seeking out a good object, begin with general Goodness before specific Goodness? Solution: BN, EQ.
2. Question: Is specific Goodness of the essence of general Goodness? Solution: BN, DV.
3. Question: Does Difference declare the object to the power more strongly with Concordance, than with Contrariety? Solution: BN, EM.
4. Question: In potentially existing form, is there any entity of Goodness & Difference? Solution: BN, DO.

Questions about BO
1. Question: Do Goodness & Difference have greater Concordance in motion with the power than with the object? Solution: BO, ER.
2. Question: Were creatures in potentiality before actuality? Solution: BO, EM.
3. Question: Is motion of the essence of the mover & mobile? Solution: BO, DS.
4. Question: Is motion a substantial part of substance? Solution: BO, HR.

Questions about BP
1. Question: Within unity, can there be a plurality which is of its essence? Solution: BP, HQ.
2. Question: Could GOD make two men so similar that there would be no unlikeness at all between them? Solution: BP, FS.
3. Question: In GOD, can there be several things which are of his Essence? Solution: BP, KQ.
4. Question: Can Unity be good without Difference? Solution: BP, EQ.

Questions about BQ
1. Question: Is there Concordance in GOD? Solution: BQ, IS.
2. Question: Can a bonifiability potentially exist in another bonifiability? Solution: BQ, EV.
3. Question: Does the affatus (the sixth sense) belong to the sensitive power? Solution: BQ, IS.
4. Question: Can Goodness be full without Difference? Solution: BQ, KP.

Questions about BR
1. Question: Is There equality in GOD? Solution: BR, IS.
2. Question: Does Difference contain any potential Goodness? Solution: BR, HN.
3. Question: Between the power & the object, is Goodness as intense as Difference Solution: BR, CS.
4. Question: Is Difference the subject of extended Goodness? Solution: BR, HQ.

Questions about BS
1. Question: When a power draws species from objects, does it do so with Concordance or Contrariety? Solution: BS, EM.
2. Question: Does Difference declare potentially existing species as strongly by reason of Goodness, as by reason of itself? Solution: BS, EN.
3. Question: Can Contrariety arise from Difference & Goodness? Solution: BS, DV.
4. Question: Does GOD love his unlikeness as much as his likeness? Solution: BS, CV.

Questions about BV
1. Question: Can a Power generate its object from itself? Solution: BV, ES.
2. Question: Do Goodness & Difference have as much Power in act, as in Potentiality? Solution: BV, GO.
3. Question: In Generation & Corruption, is Difference a more general principle than Goodness? Solution: BV, ER.
4. Question: In Generation, is there any potential Corruption? Solution: BV, KO.