Questions about DL
1. Question: What does GOD's own intrinsic operation consist of?
Solution: DL, BQ.
Know, my Son, that the Operation GOD has within himself consists of his own Goodness, Greatness, Eternity, Power, Wisdom & Will, in which Difference declares essential concretes, for instance: in Wisdom there is an intrinsic operation of the knower, knowable and knowing, & the Will has its intrinsic operation of the lover, lovable & loving. And Difference declares all these by reason of essentially bonified Goodness; & the same with GOD's other Dignities, so that GOD's understanding is bonified by Goodness, magnified by Greatness, and so with the rest.
2. Question: What is GOD's fulfillment of the great Concordance between Himself & creatures made of? Solution: DL, HS.

Questions about DM
1. Question: What does Memory consist of? Solution: DM, EQ.
2. Question: What does recalling consist of? Solution: DM, BL.

Questions about DN
1. Question: What is the Duration of Contrariety made of? Solution: DN, FS.
2. Question: What are Genera & Species made of? Solution: DN, EM.

Questions about DO
1. Question: What does the Motion between potentiality and act consist of? Solution: DO, BS.
2. Question: What does the Motion with which the memory moves the sensitive powers to carnal pleasures, consist of? Solution: DO, CM.

Questions about DP
1. Question: What is Unity full of? Solution: DP, CQ.
2. Question: What does the perfection of Plurality consist of? Solution: DP, CQ.

Questions about DQ
1. Question: What does visibility consist of? Solution: DQ, CM.
2. Question: What does ignorance consist of? Solution: DQ, KS.

Questions about DR
1. Question: What do elemented things consist of? Solution: DR, EM.
2. Question: When the imagination extends itself in imagining a large object, what is this Extensity made of? Solution: DR, CM.

Questions about DS
1. Question: What does the figure that a seal leaves in wax consist of? Solution: DS, HM.
2. Question: What does the influence that heavenly bodies have on earthly ones consist of? Solution: DS, HO.

Questions about DV
1. Question: What do potentially existing forms & figures consist of? Solution: DV, BM.
2. Question: What does the satisfaction that Corruption gives to Generation consist of? Solution: DV, KS.