Questions about EL
1. Question: Why does GOD exist? Solution: EL, BM.
GOD exists because he is Goodness, Greatness, Eternity, Power, Wisdom & his other dignities; & he exists because in him Goodness, Greatness, Eternity &c. are one identical number; & GOD exists because he exists as much by reason of his intrinsic Operation, as he does by reason of his Essence; & GOD exists because he has no Beginning & because he is a Real being without any confusion, good without any evil; & because in him the first intention exists without any second intention; & because GOD's Power has an Object as great as GOD himself.
2. Question: Why did GOD create only one world, and not several? Solution: EL, IS.

Questions about EM
1. Question: Why do Power & Principle have greater entity in real things than in intentional ones? Solution: EM, BS.
2. Question: Once Imaginary things have decayed, why can't they be restored identically to what they were when they were first brought from potentiality into act? Solution: EM, BV.

Questions about EN
1. Question: Why do Genera & Species exist? Solution: EN, KM.
2. Question: Since species & imagination are corporeal in nature, why can't they be sensed? Solution: EN, KO.

Questions about EO
1. Question: Why does Motion begin with the active power before the passive power? Solution: EO, CS.
2. Question: Why can't Motion arise from impossibility? Solution: E.O., F.S.

Questions about EP
1. QUESTION: Why can't Principle & Intention be without Unity & Plurality? Solution: EP, HO.
2. Question: Why are Power & Principle perfected by Difference & Intention? Solution: EP, HO.

Questions about EQ
1. Question: Why is Intention a nobler principle in concrete beings than in abstract ones? Solution: EQ, KP.
2. Question: Why do Concretes subsist on abstract things? Solution: EQ, KP.

Questions about ER
1. Question: Why is the intellect more doubtful about compound things than about simple ones? Solution: ER, CS.
2. Question: Why is falsehood a more obscure object than truth? Solution: ER, GS.

Questions about ES
1. Question: Since the intellect is a spiritual potential, why does it begin with corporeal things before spiritual things? Solution: ES, FL.
2. Question; Why is Unlikeness more concordant with the second intention than with the first? Solution: ES, GM.

Questions about EV
1. Question: Why does Intention have more Concordance with the active power than with the passive power? Solution: EV, GL.
2. Question: Why does Intention have more Power in Generation than in Corruption? Solution: EV, GL.