Questions about GL
1. Question: What is the Quality of GOD's Infinity? Solution: GL, HP.
GOD's Infinity is one which perfects its Loving in the infinite Lover & Lovable, & perfects the infinite Lover & Lovable in infinite Loving; & likewise with Virtue, & also with Unity & Plurality, as Infinity stands in an infinite uniting of the infinitizer and infinitizable, & in this Infinity, GOD is infinite & perfect in all things pertaining to him.
2. Question: What is the greatest Operation that GOD can have in a creature, and a creature in GOD? Solution: GL, HS.

Questions about GM
1. Question: What kind of will is empty of loving? Solution: GM, FS.
2. Question: By what kind of species is the Will perfected? Solution: GM, BS.

Questions about GN
1. Question: What kind of amability is general? Solution: GN, EL.
2. Question: What kind of End is most lovable? Solution: GN, FL.

Questions about GO
1. Question: What kind of Motion does the will have in loving? Solution: GO, HS.
2. Question: What kind of end is substantial in loving? Solution: GO, EQ.

Questions about GP
1. Question: What kind of perfection does Unity have? Solution: GP, EQ.
2. Question: In what kind of end does the will repose the most? Solution: GP, HL.

Questions about GQ
1. Question: What kind of Difference is there between essence & being? Solution: GQ, BR.
2. Question: What kinds of ends are the species of things full of? Solution: GQ, FP.

Questions about GR
1. Question: What are the signs of love? Solution: GR, ES.
2. Question: In what kind of bed does the Lover's ailing love recline? Solution: GR, DS.

Questions about GS
1. Question: What kind of physician can heal the lovesick lover? Solution: GS, HL.
2. Question: What are the qualities of the King of love? Solution: GS, HO.

Questions about GV
1. Question: When love is impregnated with loving, what kind of bridegroom does it have? Solution: GV, FL.
2. Question: What kind of trees are planted in the garden of love? Solution: GV, HS.