Questions about KL
1. Question: How are GOD's Dignities ordered? Solution: KL, EM.
GOD's Dignities are ordered so as to remain real & numerically identical reasons. Each has its intention for Glory & Power without Minority & each has its intention for itself, given that each one exists as a reason for having its own essential operation within itself, as for instance: in Glory, the glorifier, glorifiable & glorifying all concur in each other's real Power, without decreasing  & without giving rise to another essence. Therefore, order exists among GOD's dignities in the said manner, where Glory exists as a being common to the glorifier, glorifiable & glorifying, & all three remain one and the same Glory.
2. Question: How do GOD's Dignities exist, & how do they order the world? Solution: KL, ES.

Questions about KM
1. Question: As Angels cannot bonify GOD although they can understand & love him, how can their Goodness have as much Glory as their understanding & loving? Solution: KM, BR.
2. Question: As demons understand GOD, how can their understanding be punished? Solution: KM, DS.

Questions about KN
1. Question: Given that a plant is not of the essence of memory, how can it be remembered? Solution: KN, ES.
2. Question: How can it be that some individuals have no species, & some species have no genera? Solution: KN, GQ.

Questions about KO
1. Question: In GOD's glory, how can glorifying exist without motion? Solution: KO, DV.
2. Question: How can there be motion in the substance of simple fire? Solution: KO, BV.

Questions about KP
1. Question: How can glorifying exist in GOD's Unity? Solution: KP, EQ.
2. Question: How does the human intellect have freedom to understand? Solution: KP, FM.

Questions about KQ
1. Question: How can the abstract & the concrete both exist in Glory without Difference? Solution: KQ, BV.
2. Question: In GOD's Glory, how can the glorifier & the glorifiable be numerically identical?
Solution: KQ, EV.

Questions about KR
1. Question: How can intensive Glory exist in extensive Glory? Solution: KR, EP.
2. Question: How can there be order without composition? Solution: KR, EV.

Questions about KS
1. Question: How can order consist of likenesses? Solution: KS, EM.
2. Question: How can punishment be made of unlikenesses, or unlike things? Solution: KS, DV.

Questions about KV
1. Question: How does the will generate its loving? Solution: KV, GS.
2. Question: How can the simple elements exist in corruptible subjects without being corrupted themselves? Solution: KV, DK.

We have spoken of K with Rule Nine, now we want to speak of K with Rule Ten.