1. My Son, you must habitually train your intellect to grasp the process of this Tree in a succinct way, if you want to make any use of it; & so you must know how it is divided into four Sections.
2. The First Section deals with the Structure of this Art in three Parts; the first Part deals with the Figure of the Tree; the second is about the Circular Figure; the third gives the Definitions which must be known by heart.
3. The Second Section is about the Rules, there are ten of them, & you must know them by heart.
4. The Third Section contains one hundred and ninety eight Propositions, & each one has its own Question.
5. The Fourth Section contains the Questions applied to the Conditions; in this brief process, my Son, you can have a succinct and full knowledge of the Order of this Tree, & you must know it well by heart, so you can use it to find loci where you can discover new things, & answer Questions put to you; & with this process  you can have knowledge of the Secrets of Nature.

This Tree is complete in Praise, Glory & Honor to the
Divine & Holy Trinity. Thanks be to GOD.

Table of contents