From Blessed Raymond Lull's Book of Proverbs (Mog.)

1. The Affatus is the unknown sixth sense.
2.The Affatus is the faculty for manifesting one's mental concepts.
3. The object of the Affatus is the manifestation of thought and its instrument is the tongue.
4. The tongue is an instrument common to the acts of the Affatus and of the sense of taste, in the same way as sound is an instrument for hearing and speaking.
5. Through the Affatus, you participate more with the rational soul, than through any other sense.
6. The Affatus stands between the mental concept, and the sense of hearing.
7. Through the Affatus, one person can communicate with another more than through any other sense.
8. None of the other senses signifies as many things as the Affatus does.
9. The sense of hearing hears sound, but the Affatus produces it.
10. The Affatus produces the name of GOD in sound, and the sense of hearing perceives it.
11. Through the Affatus, you can be more loved or hated than through any other sense.
12. The Affatus communicates science to the sense of hearing.
13. The Affatus is a figure of the intellect, and the sense of hearing is a figure of memory.
14. The sense of smell is not as necessary a sense as the Affatus.
15. In this world, you cannot participate with GOD without an act of the Affatus.
16. The Affatus is such a noble faculty, and so very useful, that the Lord of all nature would be doing it wrong, if it were not a sense.
17. With none of the other senses does the Son of GOD have a concordance as great as with the Affatus.
18. The acts of the Affatus, and of speech are equivalent or convertible.
19. The words "Affatus" and "verbal speech" are synonyms.
20. The mechanical arts are made more manifest through the Affatus, than through any other sense.

From Blessed Raymond's Book of Proverbs (Liber Proverbiorum)
in Ivo Salzinger's Mainz edition.

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