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1. BC Goodness is great. 1. Is goodness great? 2. What is great goodness?
2. BTB Goodness is different. 3. Is goodness different?. 4. What is different goodness?
3. BTC Goodness is concordant. 5. Is goodness concordant? 6. What is concordant goodness?
4. CB Greatness is good. 7. Is greatness good? 8. What is good greatness?
5. CTB Greatness is different. 9. Is greatness different? 10. What is different greatness?
6. CTC Greatness is concordant. 11. Is greatness concordant? 12. What is concordant greatness?
7. TB,B Difference is good. 13. Is difference good? 14. What is good difference?
8. TB,C Difference is great. 15. Is difference great? 16. What is great difference?
9. TB,TC Difference is concordant. 17 Is difference concordant? 18 What is concordant difference?
10. TC,B Concordance is good. 19. Is concordance good? 20. What is good concordance?
11. TC,C Concordance is great. 21 Is concordance great? 22. What is great concordance?
12. TC,TB Concordance is different. 23 Is concordance different? 24 What is different concordance?

1. BD Goodness is durable. 1. Is goodness durable? 2. Of what does durable goodness consist?
2. BTB Goodness is different. 3. Is goodness different? 4. Of what does different goodness consist?
3. BTD Goodness is contrary. 5. Is goodness contrary? 6. Of what does contrary goodness consist
4. DB Duration is good. 7. Is duration good? 8. Of what does good duration consist?
5. DTB Duration is different. 9. Is duration different? 10. Of what does different duration consist?
6. DTD Duration is contrary. 11. Is duration contrary? 12. Of what does contrary duration consist?
7. TB,B Difference is good. 13. Is difference good? 14. Of what does good difference consist?
8. TB,D Difference is durable. 15. Is difference durable? 16. Of what does durable difference consist?
9. TB,TD Difference is contrary. 17. Is difference contrary? 18. Of what does contrary difference consist?
10. TD,B Contrariety is good. 19. Is contrariety good? 20. Of what does good contrariety consist?
11. TD,D Contrariety is durable. 21. Is contrariety durable? 22. Of what does durable contrariety consist?
12. TD,TB Contrariety is different. 23. Is contrariety different? 24. Of what does different contrariety consist?

1. BE Goodness is powerful. 1. Is goodness powerful? 2. Why is goodness powerful?
2. BTB Goodness is different. 3. Is goodness different? 4. Why is goodness different?
3. BTE Goodness has a beginning.. 5. Does goodness have a beginning? 6. Why does goodness have a beginning?
4. EB Power is good. 7. Is power good? 8. Why is power good?
5. ETB Power is different. 9. Is power different? 10 Why is power different?
6. ETE Power has a beginning. 11. Does power have a beginning? 12. Why does power have a beginning?
7. TB,B Difference is good. 13. Is difference good? 14. Why is difference good?
8. TB,E Difference is powerful. 15. Is difference powerful? 16. Why is difference powerful?
9. TB,TE Difference has a beginning. 17. Does difference have a beginning? 18. Why does difference have a beginning?
10. TE,B The beginning is good. 19. Is the beginning good? 20. Why is the beginning good?
11. TE,E The beginning is powerful. 21. Is the beginning powerful? 22. Why is the beginning powerful?
12. TE,TB The beginning is different. 23. Is the beginning different? 24. Why is the beginning different?

1. BF Goodness is understood. 1. Is goodness understood? 2. How much is goodness understood?
2. BTB Goodness is different. 3. Is goodness different? 4. How much is goodness different?
3. BTF Goodness is a means. 5. Is goodness a means? 6. How much goodness is there in the middle?
4. FB Wisdom is good. 7. Is wisdom good? 8. How much is wisdom good?
5. FTB Wisdom is different. 9. Is wisdom different? 10. How much is wisdom different?
6. FTF Wisdom is a means. 11. Is wisdom a means? 12. How much wisdom is there in the middle?
7. TB,B Difference is good. 13. Is difference good? 14. How much difference is good?
8. TB,F Difference is understood. 15. Is difference understood? 16. How much is difference understood?
9. TB,TF Difference is a means. 15. Is difference a means? 16. How much difference is there in the middle?
10. TF,B The means are good. 19. Is this a good means? 20. How much of this means is good?
11 TF,F The means is understood. 21. Is the means understood? 22. How much is the means understood?
12 TF,TB The means are different. 23. Is this a different means? 24. How many different means are there?

1. BG Goodness is desirable. 1. Is goodness desirable? 2. What kind of goodness is desirable?
2. BTB Goodness is different. 3. Is goodness different? 4. What kind of goodness is different?
3. BTG Goodness has an end. 5. Does goodness have an end? 6. What kind of end does goodness have?
4. GB The will is good. 7. Is the will good? 8. What kind of will is good?
5. GTB The will is different. 9. Is the will different? 10. What kind of will is different?
6. GTG The will has an end. 11. Does the will have an end? 12. What kind of end does the will have?
7. TB,B Difference is good. 13. Is difference good? 14. What kind of difference is good?
8. TB,G Difference is desirable. 15. Is difference desirable? 16 How much difference is desirable?
9. TB,TG Difference has an end. 17. Does difference have an end? 18. What kind of end does difference have?
10. TG,B The end is good. 19. Is the end good? 20. What kind of end is good?
11. TG,G The end is desirable. 21. Is the end desirable? 22. What kind of end is desirable?
12. TG,TB The end is different. 23. Is the end different? 24. What kind of end is different?

1. BH Goodness has virtue. 1. Does goodness have any virtue? 2. When does goodness have virtue?
2. BTB Goodness is different. 3. Is goodness different? 4. When is goodness different?
3. BTH Goodness is major. 5. Is there any major goodness? 6. When is there major goodness?
4. HB Virtue is good. 7. Is virtue good? 8. When is virtue good?
5. HTB Virtue is different. 9. Is virtue different? 10 When is virtue different?
6. HTH Virtue is major. 11. Is there any major virtue? 12. When is there major virtue?
7. TB,B Difference is good. 13. Is difference good? 14. When is difference good?
8. TB,H Difference has virtue. 15. Does difference have any virtue? 16. When does difference have virtue?
9. TB,TH Difference is major. 17. Is difference major? 18. When is difference major?
10. TH,B Majority is good. 19. Is majority good? 20. When is majority good?
11. TH,H Majority has virtue. 21. Does majority have any virtue? 22. When does majority have virtue?
12. TH,TB Majority is different. 23. Is majority different? 24. When is majority different?

1. BI Goodness is true. 1. Is goodness true? 2. Where is true goodness found?
2. BTB Goodness is different. 3. Is goodness different? 4. Where is different goodness found?
3. BTI Goodness is equal. 5. Is goodness equal? 6. Where is equal goodness found?
4. IB Truth is good. 7. Is truth any good? 8. Where is good truth to be found?
5. ITB Truth is different. 9. Is truth different? 10. Where is different truth to be found?
6. ITI Truth is equal. 11. Is truth equal? 12. Where does equal truth exist?
7. TB,B Difference is good. 13. Is difference good? 14. Where does good difference exist?
8. TB,I Difference is true. 15. Is there any true difference? 16. Where does true difference exist?
9. TB,TI Difference is equal. 17. Is there any equal difference? 18. Where does equal difference exist?
10. TI,B Equality is good. 19. Is equality good? 20. Where does good equality exist?
11. TI,I Equality is true. 21. Is equality true? 22. Where does true equality exist?
12. TI,TB Equality is different. 23. Is equality different? 24. Where does different equality exist?

1. BK Goodness is glorious.1. Is goodness glorious? 2. How is goodness glorious?With what does goodness have glory?
2. BTB Goodness is different. 3. Is goodness different? 4. How is goodness different? With what is goodness different?
3. BTK Goodness is minor. 5. Is there any minor goodness? 6. How is goodness minor? With what is goodness in minority?
4. KB Glory is good. 7. Is glory good? 8. How is glory good? With what is glory good?
5. KTB Glory is different. 9. Is glory different? 10. How is glory different? With what is glory different?
6. KTK Glory is minor. 11. Is glory minor? 12. How is glory minor? With what is glory in minority?
7. TB,B Difference is good. 13. Is difference good? 14. How is difference good? With what is difference good?
8. TB,K Difference is glorious. 15. Is difference glorious? 16. How is difference glorious? With what does difference have glory?
9. TB,TK Difference is minor. 17. Is difference minor? 18. How is difference minor? With what is difference in minority?
10. TK,B Minority is good. 19. Is minority good? 20. How is minority good? With what is minority good?
11. TK,K Minority is glorious.21. Is minority glorious? 22. How is minority glorious? With what does minority have glory?
12. TK,TB Minority is different. 23. Is minority different? 24. How is minority different? With what is minority different?

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