Mnemonic Hand with Twelve Loci

For Evacuating Figure Three

1.bc: Goodness is great, 2.btb: goodness is different, 3.btc: goodness is concordant.
4.cb: Greatness is good, 5.ctb: greatness is different, 6.ctc: greatness is concordant.
7. tb,b: Difference is good, 8.tb,c: difference is great, 9.tb,tc: difference is concordant,b: Concordance is good,,c:concordance is great,,tb: concordance is different.
The twenty four questions go two by two, in the places of their respective statements.

This mnemonic hand makes it easier to perform the evacuation of the third figure, as well to work with the Book of the Seven Planets, as the twelve loci signify twelve houses. The numbers one to twelve are written on the left hand, showing where to put your thumb to keep count of the sequential evacuation of the twelve propositions and twenty-four questions of each camera of figure three. As you place your left thumb on the first spot, on the middle phalange of the index finger, count "one", then move your thumb to the next spot, number two. Keep counting around the twelve places in the hand, until you are used to it, which may take a few minutes.
 When you can comfortably count around your hand with your thumb in this way, then you can memorize the letters used for each proposition of camera BC in the same twelve consecutive places
  Now get used to reciting these letters in their appropriate places as you move your thumb over them, until you can recite them forward, backward, and in random order.
 Having firmly memorized these letters for camera BC, it will be easy to form the letters indicating the propositions of any of the other 35 cameras of Figure Three, by simply substituting the letters of the other cameras. As you know by heart the terms, their definitions, and the species of the rules represented by the letters in each of the twelve places, you can form the 12 propositions and the 24 questions of any camera of figure three, and you can vary these propositions and questions in many ways, by substituting the Cognate and Dissonant terms for the explicit terms of the Art signified by the letters in each locus.
Here you have, as it were, the whole of Figure Three ready to browse in thumbnail form,  as you visualize the letters in each locus while placing your thumb on it, and through habitual repetition develop the skill to see and hear in a flash the meanings of the twelve propositions and 24 questions of any camera as you skim quickly with your thumb around the twelve loci.
  At any moment, you can stop at any place that best suits your question, and mentally zoom in on its particular details, and especially those that best suit your memory, intellect and will in concordance with the principles and rules.


Here is a hand with large figures in roman numerals signifying twelve houses, and  arabic numerals signifying the hours during which the Sun, and the whole sign of the zodiac that it occupies, are found in the said houses, according to this whole house system, where signs are identified with houses. Thus, between 5 and 7 am local time, if the Sun is in Aries, from about March 20 to April 20, Aries is in the first house, Taurus in the second, Gemini in the third house, and so forth for the rest of the signs to Pisces, in the twelfth. When the Sun moves into Taurus around April 21, then from 5 to 7 am, Taurus is in the first house, Gemini in the second, etc... and Aries in the twelfth. And likewise for the other signs of the zodiac during the year, which always occupy the first house between 5 and 7 am while the Sun occupies them. And in the daily cycle, the monthly Sun sign moves clockwise around the 12 houses in the hand: from 7 to 9 am the Sun sign is in the twelth house, then in the eleventh house from 9 to 11 am, and so forth, moving back one house every two hours.
As you know the month and the time of day, you can immediately know which signs are in which houses by putting your thumb on the place corresponding to the hour, and then counting the signs from that point, starting with the current monthly Sun sign. For instance, it is 2 am and the Sun is in Aries, therefore Aries is in the third house, Taurus in the fourth, etc.

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