First order Second order Third order
Figure S. the soul's intellectual powers
Powers Virtues Gifts
Intellect Faith Intellect
Memory Hope Science
Will Charity Wisdom
.Figure S. the soul's corporeal powers
Imaginative Justice Counsel
Sensitive Prudence Fortitude
Vegetative Fortitude Piety
Elementative Temperance  Fear
Figure T. The minor arts : Trivium
Grammar Connection Meaning
Logic Necessity Demonstration
Rhetoric Multiplication Persuasion
Figure T. The minor arts : Quadrivium
Arithmetic Measure Equation
Music Scale Composition
Geometry Proportion Comparison
Astronomy Movement Circulation
Figure A. The major arts : Trivium
Art of intellect Being Science
Art of memory Necessity Power
Art of love Privation Will
Figure A. The major arts : Quadrivium
Theology Possible Being
Philosophy Impossible Perfection
Law Potential Privation
Medicine Actual Defect

From Ivo Salzinger's "Praecursor Introductoria" in the Mainz edition.

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