Question two: "what?"
We ask: what is a sign, and what is a planet?

A sign is a part of heaven in which the influence and virtue of heaven first begins to be transmitted to the bodies below that move on their own, even as they are moved by this influence and virtue to do their natural work. And a planet naturally relays the influence and virtue of heaven to bodies below, and influences their natural appetite to move and to impel their own natural virtue along the natural cycles of generation and decay resulting from their specific conditions.

Each sign and likewise each planet has its own essential intrinsic virtue for moving the virtues in the elements and elemented things below that take possession of the virtue of heaven as an instrument for their own movement and action, even as they are moved by the heavenly bodies. This is why the virtue that descends from above to things below is a dual instrument, both proper and appropriated; proper virtue: as the Sun's own light and heat are instruments with which the Sun impels fire to produce heat and light; and with the appropriated instruments it receives from above, fire moves on its own within itself and in the other elements and elemented bodies as it executes its multiple natural operations with its heat and light and the other properties it naturally applies to work such as digestion, ripening fruit, drying substances out, and other natural operations of this kind.

Signs and planets are lords and masters over things below as they move, dispose and organize natural instincts, appetites and movements. And this is why the bodies above are rulers and causes of the bodies below; and thus astronomers say that the natural operations  we sense and imagine here below are the imprints of operations above imprinting their likenesses on natural operations with their natural properties and virtues, like a foot leaves its print in sand. The things we have said can provide a doctrine to learn about the heavenly bodies and make definitions of them. Having said what they are and what their intrinsic nature is, let us now investigate what they consist of.

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