Question six: on quality 

In heaven, as well as in the stars, there are both proper and appropriated qualities. The proper qualities are their own proper principles, which have been spoken about in the question "Of What?" in which we have proved that they consist of goodness, greatness, duration and of the other principles of the General Table; and these qualities are the proper qualities of all the signs and all the planets, inasmuch as they are accidents, issuing from their substantial principles. And they are the proper qualities of them all, because they consist of one goodness, greatness, duration and the rest. 
     Their appropriated qualities are the ones which are effectively appropriated to them, such as evil, which is appropriated to Saturn,, and goodness is appropriated to Jupiter, and masculinity to Aries and femininity to Taurus, and so on with the rest. And these appropriated qualities exist in two modes: one is common, and the other is specific. The common mode is, for instance, the evil quality, common to both Saturn and Mars, or for instance goodness, which is common to both Jupiter and Venus, and the same applies to the signs. 
     The specific appropriated qualities are for instance lead, and Saturdays, which are properly attributed to Saturn; and tin and Thursdays which are attributed to Jupiter, and likewise with other similar things. 
     Through their common qualities they associate together in shedding their influences on things below through one and the same subject, for instance Saturn and Mars, which through their bad nature make vinegar and sour grapes bad, inasmuch as with vinegar and sour grapes they cause weight loss in people who include them in their diet, and for whom it is bad to be thin. And if very fat people include these in their diet, then Jupiter and Venus do them good with vinegar and sour grapes, because they are good planets. And thus, with one and the same quality, some planets, as well as some signs, do good or evil according to their good or evil nature. 
     The things we have said about one planet doing good, and another doing evil through one and the same quality, also apply to the masculine and feminine, diurnal and nocturnal, mobile and immobile qualities and other appropriated qualities as well. 
     There is no sign or planet that does any evil through its own proper quality, as it consists of goodness, and goodness is opposed to evil. But accidentally, following the dispositions of things below, the same planet can do both good and evil with its proper quality. Like the Sun, which with its clarity and light is good for the archer shooting a deer, because he cannot see it without light. And with the same clarity of daylight it is bad for the deer, that is wounded because the Sun gives daylight and a clear sight on the deer to the archer. 
     The Moon is cold and moist, and with its coldness and moisture it does good to herbs with snow, rain and dew. And Saturn is dry and cold and does evil to herbs through frost. And in this evil effect, Saturn and the Moon associate through coldness and Saturn associates with Mars through dryness, as they burn up herbs with frost. 

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