Concordance is a part of heaven which brings signs and planets into mutual accord and this concordance causes concordance below inasmuch as the signs and planets are in mutual accord to ensure the harmonious transmission of their concordant influence to things below.

Aries agrees with the dryness of Taurus and the warmth of Gemini and likewise with Saturn and Jupiter and this is an accidental concordance among Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Saturn and Jupiter that occurs on account of A B C D to allow them to come into mutual accord and enable them to transmit the influence that is proper to their own natural acts and constituting principles, namely goodness, greatness, duration etc. And on this account, A B C D as well as masculine and feminine qualities, sweetness, color and other natural accidents of substances below are as messengers and instruments with which bodies above transmit their influences and likenesses. And the likenesses represent their essential principles in the same way that the letters in wax represent the letters of the stamp, because the goodness, greatness and other parts of fire are substantial likenesses of goodness, greatness, and the other principles.

The visible Sun, and the heat and dryness that really belong to fire are not true likenesses of the Sun, because the Sun is neither hot nor dry in form and nature; this is why the Sun and fire are in greater agreement through goodness, greatness, duration, power, instinct, appetite, virtue etc. than through heat and dryness. For just as the face of a son resembles the face of his father, and is materially more like the father's face than its own reflection in a mirror, likewise bodies above and below agree more through their primary principles than through A B C D or through their masculine, diurnal, or other such qualities. And therefore bodies above, as causes, do not mainly act through A B C D but rather through goodness, greatness, etc. which they do not cause essentially, formally or materially but only as effects.

Concordance above is the source of concordance among the elements and concordance among the elements is the source of concordance among elemented things; and the concordance above works through the simple elements to ensure the concordance of elemented things below, which shows that the concordance of A B C D somehow exists among the simple elements in order to allow the concordance among the heavenly bodies to be transmitted to particular elemented beings. In this way, the movement of heaven is entirely concordant with the signs and planets through goodness, greatness, etc. as well as concordance because if the movement of heaven were not always concordant, there could be no successive movement as movement would not fill the entire circle from one instant to the next and the circles would all be broken and divided, which is an impossibility in view of the nature of circular motion. And thus the contrariety between Aries and Cancer does not formally exist among the heavenly bodies, but rather through B and D as Aries and Cancer take on the likenesses of bodies below to ensure the transmission of their influence to them.

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