The middle, or medium

In heaven there is a medium that is the principle of the media below: as in the goodness of heaven, optimization is a medium between the nature of essential active goodness and essential passive goodness and the optimization above causes optimization below; and the same applies to magnification that is a medium between the magnifier ant what is magnified and that causes acts of magnitude below, like instances of great heating, cooling, feeling, imagining and expanding, and other things like these.

On account of the medium above, stars form heavenly galaxies as they gather in the region encompassed by the Zodiac and the two poles, and there are inhabitable regions within the Zodiac. This is the medium on account of which natural virtues are located in the middle of substance. On account of the medium above, conjunctions and concordant combinations occur in things below; and thus the houses with their heavenly conjunctions are mediators of goodness, greatness and other principles; and the heavenly middle is the cause of lines that join one part to another in things below.

There is another medium signified by F that stands in the middle between E and G; and the planets as well as the signs are conditioned by this medium, as Aries, whose natural motion is between the natural motions of Taurus and Pisces, and as Saturn's motion that is naturally in the middle between Aries and Jupiter; and as Jupiter is between Saturn and Mars, and so forth. And this species of medium causes, in things below, motion that moves through intermediary regions, like fire transiting to air through heat and dryness, and likewise to water, since air is in the middle between fire and water, and fire between earth and air and water between air and earth and earth between water and fire; and thus there are media in things below on account of A B C D E F G as well as mixtures and compositions of elements in elemented things.

The middle of heaven is the cause of tree trunks and of the bodies of animals and of tendons that join the thighs to the tibia at the knees and likewise with the arms and shoulders. The middle of heaven is also the natural cause that joins form and matter in things below, producing substances; and likewise with other similar things, like the acts of substances that join powers to their objects.

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