The end 

The end is one of the principles of heaven, and this end in heaven is the cause of the ends in corporeal and natural things; and this end exists together with the signs and planets and with goodness and magnitude and the other principles that are also parts of heaven.

On account of the natural end of heaven, that is a part of heaven, death occurs in things below as well as the confines of lands and regions; and the end of perfection in things below is found for instance in birth, which is the end of conception and in the ripeness of fruit in summer and profit is the end of trade and perceived sense objects are the end of the senses and knowledge is the end of science and the beloved is the end of love, and likewise with other similar things.

Aries reaches a greater end of perfection through the heat of B than through dryness, since B has better, greater and stronger virtue through its own quality than through its appropriated quality; and thus, in B, dryness is subject to the ends of heat and as Mars is in Aries, its dryness works for the heat of Aries as an end while the dryness in B
of Aries works for the heat of Mars; and likewise with the other combinations of planets and signs. When Jupiter is in Aries, then both work for opposite ends and Jupiter has an appetite for inhibiting Aries especially by preventing the dryness of Aries from accomplishing its ends; and thus through dryness, Jupiter opposes the ends of the heat of Aries. And Venus in Aries opposes the ends of Aries more with cold than with moisture, since the contrariety between Aries and Venus is stronger on account of proper qualities than appropriated ones.

In accordance with the way that the signs and planets are either at odds, or in agreement on account of their ends, things below work toward concordant or contrary ends through A B C D E F G as well as through the goodness, greatness etc. below in cooperation with the goodness, greatness etc. above. And in this the judgments of astronomy chiefly consist since they all are made in view of the ends of privation or perfection in natural instincts and appetites. 

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