Majority is a principle in heaven on account of which substance above and below is greater than accident and some substances greater than others, like the Sun that is greater than the Moon, and the Moon greater than Venus, and so forth. Through majority above, B can have greater goodness, greatness, power and virtue through heat than through dryness and A through moisture than through heat, and the same applies to C D E F G; and thus major substances and accidents are caused below by majorities above.

Aries is greater with Mars than with Saturn and with Jupiter than with Saturn, because it agrees with Jupiter through its proper quality but with Saturn through its appropriated quality; and the same applies to Taurus and Saturn and the other signs and planets, in accordance with their conditions.

On account of majorities above, people have greater appetite for greater goodness than for lesser goodness and for greater rather than lesser magnitude, duration and power in prosperity; and this is why some people want to dominate others, giving rise to envy, anger and war. On account of majority above there is greater concordance below between one person and another than between two other persons; and likewise with greater likeness, equality and proportion. And the same applies to major contrariety above that causes greater contrariety below, as well as to majority above found in all the instincts, appetites and virtues that it causes below. 

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