Duration is one part of heaven and of the stars, with which they can be durable and cause durable natural properties in bodies below, because its function consists in making things last in time in the same way that the function of goodness consists in optimizing and the function of greatness in magnifying. And it exercises its function in one way through the signs and in another way through the planets. And the same applies to goodness and greatness and to the other qualities because with goodness it makes lasting good things,  and lasting great things with greatness, and durable evil things with evil, and small things that last with smallness and so with the rest of the principles.
 The duration of heaven causes lasting movement in things below, and it also produces durable instances of immobility, masculinity, femininity, days, nights and other natural properties existing in things below. As Saturn, for example, with which heaven's duration causes evil to last because Saturn is bad and causes more durable operations here below by day than by night, more masculine properties than feminine ones, and instances of dryness and cold more than those of heat and moisture. And with Jupiter the duration of heaven produces more lasting heat and moisture than with Saturn, as a nutshell is cold and dry and more lasting than the kernel inside which is warm and moist. And it produces more durability in an olive pit, which is cold and dry, than in the olive rind from which oil is made, which is warm and dry. And with Jupiter, duration does the opposite.
 The duration of heaven, in winter and summer, produces lasting leaves in trees and hair on animals and feathers on birds through Saturn because cold is restrictive and dryness hardens the bark on trees and hair on animals with its appropriated cold. And with Jupiter heaven makes people warm and causes lasting moisture and warmth in fat persons. Also, with Jupiter it produces lasting blood and flesh, and bones and nerves with Saturn, and so with other natural properties like these.
 With Saturn, duration produces lasting recollection or memory because Saturn with its cold and dryness rules the organ of memory. And with the Sun it produces durable understanding, because the Sun with its heat and dryness rules the forehead where the organ of the intellect resides. And with Jupiter it produces lasting love, because Jupiter with its warmth and moisture rules the heart. And duration produces lasting imagination with Saturn because the organ of imagination is dry and cold, and so  on with other natural conditions with which the duration of heaven influences things below by making them last. 

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