In heaven and in the stars there is natural and essential power with which signs and planets exercise their action on bodies below. And the power of heaven has conditions and properties that act in one way with one sign, and in another way with another sign. And with goodness they have one condition, and another condition with greatness, and yet another condition with itself; and likewise for other things like these.
 With greatness, the power of heaven is greater in masculinity than in femininity, as in men who have greater power than women do, and also because they are able to have more power than women. And through greatness with Saturn, power can produce long and subtle substances in humans, animals and plants, because Saturn restricts them and greatness draws them out in length. And Saturn causes matter to occupy the length of the tree, but does not allow it to spread out in breadth, and so with greatness and power, it produces long, slender trees, and melancholy people. And Jupiter works the opposite effect with power and with greatness in sanguine people and in stocky trees that are neither tall nor elongated.
 The power of heaven, with duration and Saturn makes lead last longer than iron, because iron is eaten away more quickly than lead. Nonetheless, the power of heaven and Saturn cause greater hardness in iron than in lead, and this is done by Saturn with duration, and by Mars as it rules iron. And with Taurus, power  makes the works of men last longer than with Aries, as Taurus is fixed, and Aries is mobile.
 The power and greatness of heaven cause male birds, which do not live on prey, bigger and stronger than females, like the roster, which is bigger and stronger than the hen, and the same applies to partridges, and to other birds as well. And the power of heaven does this with the Sun, which is bigger and stronger than any other planet. But the power of heaven, with greatness, causes female birds that live on prey, to be bigger and more powerful than males as for instance female eagles, falcons and others like them that are bigger and more powerful. And the power of heaven does this with natural assistance from the instinct of heaven. This is because it is fitting for female birds living on prey be bigger and stronger on account of the eggs that they produce, than males. And likewise with other things similar to these, like female harems as they must flee, are bigger than males. And as the lion is a strong beast that does not flee from others, naturally the power and greatness of heaven make the lion bigger and stronger than the lioness. 

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