In the signs and planets there is natural appetite for place, or space, and time. And this appetite moves natural things here below toward the end for which they exist; and it does this with signs, planets and with the other principles and with masculinity, femininity, etc.
 The natural appetite of heaven naturally moves human will to want the things necessary for the body to which the soul is joined and it moves the will through natural dispositions and through the needs of the body. For instance, it makes humans  crave to produce children and reproduce the human species and when the body has a great deal of B and little of D,  it gives it an appetite to eat and drink, and it does the same in different ways with animals and herbs.
 Like a weaver weaving a golden tapestry into which she weaves many pictures by using many instruments, the appetite of heaven causes and moves appetites in things below toward many objects with multiple instruments, forms and figures that are the heavenly bodies with their qualities and properties likegoodness, greatness and the other principles. And it moves one appetite with one principle and another one with another, as with masculinity it moves men toward women and with femininity, it moves women toward men. With the mobility of Aries, it moves trees to produce leaves and flowers in spring and with the Sun in the summer it promotes the ripening of fruit. And with the need to cut things, it moves men to have an appetite for knives, axes and swords; and with the need to make money, it moves men to commerce and to build ships, weave tapestries and make rope, and so on.
 The appetite of heaven moves the will more than it moves the memory or the intellect; and it moves the will more with Jupiter than with Mercury, because Mercury is a planet with a confused and extended nature, but Jupiter has a specific and intense nature; and the same applies to Taurus and Saturn, which move men to feel more of a good and great appetite, than do Cancer and the Moon. And thus the goodness and greatness of heaven's appetite operate more through dryness with the help of Saturn and Taurus in producing an appetite for food in melancholy persons whereas in phlegmatic persons it manifests more in appetite for drink on account of Cancer and the Moon and with movement more than with stillness, and by day more than by night. And so, too with other similar things: an avaricious person naturally ruled by Saturn and Taurus has more appetite for less goodness than does a spendthrift ruled by Gemini and Jupiter.
 Through the appetite of heaven and through the appetites of the lower substances the influences and the feedback of these influences ascend and descend: for instance, earth has an appetite for ascending in E so it can receive the virtue of heaven and once it has received it, it has an appetite for descending again; and one appetite attracts another appetite, and the same applies to fire and to the other elements. And the lower appetites cannot do this without the help of the upper appetites because the sphere of air would not allow any influence to get through and reach the earth, nor would the sphere of fire let through any of the influences going to the sphere of water. But Saturn and Taurus, goodness, greatness and the other natures of heaven help earth; and Venus and the Moon help water; and the same with the appetites of descending fire and air.

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