In heaven, there is truth on account of which the signs and planets have true essences and natural properties that could not exist without truth and this truth causes true essences and natural properties in things below with the other principles of heaven, for instance the truth of Aries in this northern hemisphere  we inhabit causes the spring season in March, April and May. And while we have spring  in our hemisphere in March, April and May, the truth of Libra,  in opposition to the truth of Aries, causes autumn in September, October and November in the opposite hemisphere and thus the truths which exist in our hemisphere do not exist in the opposite hemisphere.
 From our standpoint, namely in accordance with the truths proper to the regions of the earth which we inhabit and  the regional properties of planets and of the sensitive and imaginative powers, the nature of fire varies in various places we occupy and does not have the same properties here as at the antipodes. When Aries is above Paris, Libra is in opposition, namely above the earth's opposite hemisphere, and thus fire in Paris seeks to rise on account of Aries, which is B; and the fire aspected by Libra seeks to rise toward Libra on account of A. And this is true on account of the truth of heaven. But when Libra is over Paris, Aries is under Paris in the opposite hemisphere of Earth, and  fire in Paris seeks to rise toward Libra through A, and fire beneath Paris seeks to rise toward Aries through B. When Taurus is over Paris, fire in Paris seeks to rise toward the dryness of C,  the appropriated quality of fire, and to have concordance with earth so that with dryness it can compel air to receive heat from itself and thus fire in Paris  seeks to rise toward Aries more strongly than toward Taurus. And this true on account of the truth of heaven  without which it would not be true,  because without the truth of heaven,  fire in Paris would seek to ascend toward B at all times of the year and never descend. When Gemini is over Paris, fire above Paris seeks to rise toward A of Gemini, and fire in the opposite hemisphere to rise toward C of Capricorn.  And thus fire in Paris under Gemini seeks to rise in order to heat the air. When Cancer is over Paris, then fire in Paris seeks to rise and to escape from earth, but the appetite of heaven,  the restraining power of water and the connection or conjunction of fire and water with air totally stop fire from ascending toward Cancer and the Moon that would mortify it; and the instinct of heaven keeps its virtue in potentiality as much as it can, so that Aries, Mars and the Sun can actualize it in the summer season.
 From what we said about fire the other elements can also be understood. We have also shown that the elements display many diversified natural appetites as the signs and planets revolve around the Earth.
 People in Paris naturally follow the disposition or situation of their imagination and of the land they occupy when they imagine that the opposite hemisphere is falling away; and if you transposed your imagination from Paris to the opposite hemisphere, you might imagine that  people in Paris should fall away into the sky; and thus, as the truth of heaven makes it true that the imagination naturally tends to imagine things in accordance with  the disposition of its regional situation, so does it also make it true that the heavenly bodies influence lower ones with their likenesses in conformity with the places and regions where the lower bodies exist.

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