There is natural delight in the heavens as great as in the elements and even far greater, for as fire with the help of its natural appetite and instinct takes delight in burning and propagating its heat, likewise the signs and planets take delight in doing good in things below, inasmuch as they consist of goodness, and great things inasmuch as they consist of greatness, and so on with the other principles.

Aries takes greater delight in spring than in summer and in summer than in autumn, and it also enjoys being with Mars rather than with the Moon, with masculinity rather than with femininity, in movement rather than stillness and likewise with other things similar to these as they pertain to its conditions. And this is why people born under Aries at a time when this sign is reveling in its optimal configurations are more in harmony with its natural properties than people born under a combination in which it does not take as much pleasure in influencing things below with its virtue. And so, those born under a sign and planet in a most enjoyable position are happier than others, and the same applies to the sadness of those born under a combination of planets and signs that do not take much pleasure in sending their influence to things below; like a woman weeping in sorrow, or because of the tragic loss of her son.

C overcomes B and if Aries sends its virtue and influence to things below while it is occupied by Saturn and Venus, then Aries is constrained to transmitting its virtue to things below through Saturn and Venus. And this is why people born with Saturn and Venus in Aries do not have as much natural enjoyment as they might have if Mars and Jupiter had been in Aries, because B overcomes A and Mars helps Aries, since they are both B, and the same applies to the other planets.

In accordance with different signs and planets present at birth, people are sometimes sad, sometimes happy, now strong, now weak, now healthy and now ill, and sometimes they have a greater appetite for eating, drinking and copulating than at other times. And this depends on the conditions at birth as well as the currently transiting combinations of signs and planets because at different times, signs and planets have more or less appetite for influencing things below. And their influence is sometimes sweet, and sometimes bitter like sweet tasting apples, and gall that is bitter. And all these natural joys and sorrows are caused by enjoyment, or lack of it, in the heavenly bodies.

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