The loci of heaven

As it is very difficult to know what locus is, what it consists of, and why, in what quantity, quality, time, place, mode, and with what means it exists, we want to investigate the natural secrets of loci with the said nine modes to learn how loci in heaven cause the loci of substances below, since anyone involved in astronomy must know these loci.

Locus is the accident with which one substance contains another substance and one part is located in another as when a bottle contains wine in its locus; and the goodness of the wine, in its locus, optimizes the greatness of it, and likewise with other similar things.

Locus exists on its own and is not derived from anything else just like genus exists on its own and is not derived from anything else; however, inasmuch as locus is an accident, it belongs to something else, namely to substance as an instrument, like heat that is the instrument with which fire heats water and iron. Locus also belongs to the accidents of substance that substance cannot have without locus, like quantity, time, motion, color, shape and surface and the other accidents of substance.

In its own essence and nature, locus has no quantity or measurement as it is merely an instrument that allows the quantity of length, width and breadth to exist; and the same applies to quantity which is an instrument that allows substance to be located, like the quantity of space in a bottle allows wine to be contained in it.

The qualities of locus are the lines placed in the circle, the square and the triangle and the circle, square and triangle are figures of locus in the same way that the past, present and future are figures of time.

E F G transit through the loci of heaven with motion and time and with A B C D and with goodness, greatness, etc. and other qualities such as masculinity, femininity, etc. and in accordance with the way that they transit through the loci of heaven, they cause bodies below to transit from place to place and from individual to individual; and as they are differently located, the heavenly bodies cause good and bad fortune in bodies below.

Aries occupies one locus in heaven, Taurus occupies another locus, and Gemini another and so on with the other signs; likewise Saturn occupies one locus and Jupiter another and so on with the other planets. And Aries has a locus for Saturn, another locus for Jupiter, another one for Mars and so on with the other signs and planets because Aries forms one combination with Saturn, another one with Jupiter, another one with Mars, etc. And Aries has one locus for E, another for F and another for G ; and at the same time one degree is a locus of E while another degree is a locus of F and another is a locus of G; thus the loci of heaven are so numerous that they are difficult to understand and calculate.

Every sign and planet has loci in the human body in accordance with A B C D and with goodness, greatness, etc. as well as with movement, immobility, masculinity, femininity, and so forth. They have the same mode of existence in the bodies of herbs, trees, metals and all elemented beings.

The human brain is a locus of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, as well as of Venus and the Moon that are all of the cold and moist complexion; and if someone is born while Mars is in Aries, Aries and Mars have a locus in their brain and impart to it their conditions with B and other qualities of theirs; and the same applies to A C, with which other signs and planets have loci in the brain. And in accordance to the mutual overcoming of the letters, the brain is either in a fortunate or unfortunate condition; and likewise with the other organs of the human body, for instance the heart is ruled by A, and tendons, nerves and bones are ruled by C, and the liver and gall are ruled by B. The human face and the entire front of the body belong to E, and the back parts to G, and the parts in between to F. And thus, as different parts of the body are ruled by E F G, they have different kinds of fortune in the same planet - sign combination through E, F and G.

The sense of sight is a locus of A because sight is made possible by the light of fire and the transparency of air; and hearing is a locus of B, because hot and dry substances can produce much sound whereas cold and moist substances produce little sound. Smell is a locus of A because in spring, which is the season of A, more odors are produced than in any other season and they are then stronger than in any other season. And affatus, or the sense of speech, is a locus of B just like hearing; and therefore choleric persons are more intense and lively in speech than others. Also, taste for drink is a locus of B since people have a greater taste for drink in summer than in winter and taste for food is a locus of D because people have a greater taste for food in winter than in summer. And touch is a locus of A because the heart is more sensitive than any other organ. And the imagination is a locus of C because melancholic persons have a better imagination than others. And thus, the planets and the signs have loci in the senses in accordance with the way A B C D are located.

Human hands and feet are loci where the loci of heaven are located; inasmuch as the hands are loci with which man works and the feet are loci with which man moves, they are loci for the operations and movements proceeding above; and therefore the conditions at birth make the native fortunate or unfortunate in working and in moving about in accordance with the operations and movements of the planet - sign combinations prevailing at birth.

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