Modality in the heavens

The heavenly bodies have a mode of operating above and with this mode they have a mode for transmitting the influence of their likenesses to things below. And bodies below, in accordance with their natural properties, have a mode for receiving the likenesses of the mode above, and this is why astronomers should diligently strive to learn about the upper mode, which we now want to investigate, namely to find out what the celestial mode is, what it consists of, and why, in what quantity, what quality, when, where, how and with what means it exists. And it greatly helps in this investigation to consider and remember the mode that we followed as we investigated the truth in the previous chapters with the principles and questions of the General Table.

A mode is an orderly disposition of natural properties or customs all directed to a single purpose, like Aries and Mars that operate through heat and dryness, and Taurus with Saturn through dryness and cold, and Aries with Jupiter have a mode for increasing heat; and Aries has a mode for destroying the moisture of Jupiter and Jupiter, conversely has a mode for destroying the dryness of Aries; and this is why Aries and Jupiter are concordant in one mode and contrary in another mode.

The upper mode consists in the natural properties of the signs and planets together with their principles, namely their goodness, greatness etc. and this mode operates through their conjunctions and combinations. And A B C D are their instruments with which they have a mode for transmitting the influence of their likenesses to things here below, i.e. the likenesses of their goodness, greatness and other principles.

The upper mode exists so that bodies here below can have a natural mode of motion with  instinct, appetite, and so forth; because without the upper mode bodies below cannot have any mode of generation, nourishment or motion; and the same applies to all other such operations that proceed here below, such as fire that cannot have any mode for increasing heat in order to ripen fruit, if there is no summer; nor can tidal waters rise and fall without the waxing and waning of the Moon.

The quantity and number of modes above cause the quantities of modes below; like Taurus, Aries and Gemini that have a mode for causing spring with A B C; and like Cancer, Leo and Virgo that have a mode for causing summer with D B C; and likewise with the other signs and planets that have their own modes as stated above. And thus, in accordance with the multiple modes of that occur in time below, people multiply the modes of their customs: namely in their life style, eating habits, fashions of dress and housing and other things like these.

Signs and planets have modes that are in accordance with their proper and appropriated qualities, like Aries and Saturn, as Aries has a mode of concordance with Saturn through dryness, and a mode for opposing Saturn with heat while Saturn opposes it with cold. And thus, in things below, fire opposes water with heat and water opposes fire with cold; and they have this mode of opposition through the influence and stimulation that they receive from the mode of opposition above. And fire is in concordance with water through the concordance of Aries with Saturn, as they agree in dryness; likewise, fire and water are in concordance through a medium, considering that fire and air are concordant; and air is concordant with water, and water with earth and earth with fire. And likewise with humans, who have a mode of being in concordance or contrariety on account of their own qualities and the influence they receive from above.

Different modes exist in time, as there is a time to speak out and a time for silence, a time to buy and a time to sell, and so forth. And astronomers say that these modes naturally occur on account of the modes of combination among the heavenly bodies; because in accordance with natal combinations of signs and planets, people have different modes of speaking and placing their requests, and different ways of walking or standing and eating some kinds of food and not others, and likewise with other things like this.

Modes here below proceed in accordance with the modes above, as for instance in spring, as the season expands in its moisture, warmth and fragrance while consuming cold and dryness; on account of which astronomers say that people prune trees and bathe, take medicine and perform blood letting, in order to expel the corrupted dryness and cold from their bodies with an abundance of warmth and moisture; and the natural mode, instinct and appetite above moves the instincts and appetites of physicians and astronomers to consider the said modes of cleansing and evacuation.

A blacksmith has a mode for making iron expand by using fire to consume cold in the iron; and with fire, he draws out the moisture and the heat from within the iron, so that from its hardness that was due to cold, it becomes softened in the heat of the furnace; and thus a blacksmith has a mode for using  fire and a hammer to pound out iron and to pound the iron into the shape of a nail; and because he cannot hold the iron in his hands, nor pound it into a nail with his fist without using a hammer, the mode of natural instinct above inclines him to consider instinctively a way to first make a hmmer and tongs; and appetite above inclines him to consider instinctively how to produce iron from ore, so that the upper purpose can transmit the influence of its likeness to the purpose below; and thus astronomers say that the instruments above are what causes people to discover the instruments below, with which mechanical operations are performed by those who work in the mechanical arts.

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