(2) Heaven has a soul that is not vegetative, sensitive or  rational.

The vegetative soul in conjunction with the body naturally induces vegetal growth in the material attracted to it through the nutritive moisture in accordance with the species of body that it is joined to, as the vegetative power converts earth and water into the leaves, flowers and fruit of a tree; and the vegetative power in a horse converts the grass eaten by the horse into the blood and flesh of its body. Heaven does not operate in this way, because there is no growth in any of its parts, nor any generation or decay; therefore  heaven is not animated by a vegetative soul.

In sentient bodies the sensitive power gives an appetite for sensing, eating, drinking, seeing, sleeping, and procreation; but heaven has no such appetite since it has no appetite to eat and drink as these are operations meant to sustain the body so that it does not waste away, nor does heaven have any sense organs like eyes or ears etc. that animals use for sensing things. And because a sensitive soul cannot be in a body without performing these operations, heaven obviously does not have this kind of soul.

The rational soul has natural powers to remember, understand and love and all these operations are performed with freedom of choice, and it causes the body to which it is joined to sense things and to vegetate, and when it wants to, it impels it to walk  or to stand. The soul also moves the body to turn sometimes to the east, or west, or south, or north. The soul of heaven, or heaven, has no natural faculties of this kind since it always proceeds with one continuous movement nor does it ever naturally move toward the east, nor does its soul induce any intrinsic sensitive or vegetative activity in it. Therefore heaven has no rational soul, because if it did have one, it would operate with the body of heaven in the same way that a rational soul acts with the body that it is joined to.

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