(1) The first part of part three:

We will give several readings for each of the four houses to show how one and the same sign mixes differently with one or more planets: like Aries, that gives one reading with Saturn and another with Saturn and Jupiter; and so on with the rest.

In each house we must investigate and inquire into the meanings and conditions of the signs and planets, namely A B C D and good and bad, moving and unmoving, masculine and feminine, diurnal and nocturnal qualities, days and metals. We will also have to look at which condition overcomes others through greater goodness, greatness, power and virtue or through greater evil of masculinity, femininity etc. And in accordance with the greater concordance or contrariety a sign has with its planet by reason of its conditions, the fortunate or unfortunate nature of the combination can be determined to answer the question put by the consultant. The great practical usefulness of this science consists in this and this third part will deal with it.

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