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First part of the questions

(1) Question: Why did astronomers attribute complexions to the heavenly bodies, that are the proper qualities of elements signified by A B C D ?
Solution: In answer, Raymond says that the bodies above and below all naturally participate in the first general principles namely goodness, greatness etc. as we proved above in the second part of part one. And since the heavenly bodies are not subject to decay and their qualities never leave their own subjects, and since elemented bodies here below are subject to generation and decay and consist of mixtures of A B C D, which are the qualities through which the elements operate more powerfully than through any other qualities, the heavenly bodies influence things below chiefly through A B C D , and this is why the astronomers of old attributed A B C D to the heavenly bodies.

(2) Question: Why are masculine and feminine qualities as well as days and metals attributed to the signs, given that the signs in themselves have no such masculine or other qualities that are attributed to them?
Solution: Go to the chapter on Aries.

(3) Question: Why did past astronomers divide each sign into no more nor less than thirty degrees?
Solution: In the lunar sphere, influences from above are collected by natural instincts and appetites below and since the Moon's cycle lasts one month, they divided each house into thirty degrees; and go to the chapter on Aries.

(4) Question: Why did past astronomers say that Aries corresponds to the human head and face?
Solution: Because Aries heads the year and the face is in front of the head  and contains more organs than any other part of the human body, and as Aries comes first in every renewal, astronomers said that Aries corresponds to the human head and face.

(5) Question: Since Aries is B and Cancer is D, and the human brain is also D, why did astronomers say that the human head corresponds to Aries?
Solution: Past astronomers did not consider that the human head corresponds only to Aries, they only meant this insofar as Aries heads the year and the brain can also correspond to D of Cancer.

(6) Question: Why is Aries B, Taurus C, Gemini A and Cancer D and so forth when the elemental spheres here below are situated with B and fire on top and A and air just below B, followed by D and water below A and finally C and earth at the bottom?
Solution: If the complexions of the signs formed figure B A D C, the heavenly bodies would not have as powerful a virtue in influencing things here below as they have by forming figure B C A D where Aries and Taurus communicate through B C as they agree in dryness and are opposed in heat and cold. Taurus and Gemini communicate through an absolute opposition of cold and heat, moisture and dryness; Gemini and Cancer communicate through the opposition of heat and cold and their concordance with moisture; likewise, Cancer and Leo are simly opposite, and so on in sequence with the rest of the signs. Composition and mixture proceed in things below that consist of A B C D through this mixture of concordance and contrariety.

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