The Astronomical Figure

The figure has eight circles. The outermost circle displays the twelve signs of the zodiac and the seven others display the seven planets as shown in the illustration. In the house of Aries, the letter B shows that it belongs to the fiery complexion, and the letters E F G also appear in this house to show that it contains three decans, an ascending decan signified by E, a stationary decan signified by F and a descending decan signified by G, as described earlier. And the sign of Taurus has the letters C E F G, and so on in sequence through the other houses of signs and planets, in accordance with the letters signifying their qualities.

The seven planets are represented by the letters of their elements, beginning from the top,
C Saturn, A Jupiter, B Mars, B Sun, D Venus, ABCD Mercury, D Moon

Figure set for Wednesday May 3, 2000 when all seven planets will be in Taurus.
This setting was chosen by the translator of this book, for the sake of convenience.

For a key to reading  this combination, go to the chapter on the planets in Taurus, #7 quoted here:
(7) Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon in Taurus
When Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon meet in Taurus, then this house contains two B's, two C's, two D's and one A and because C overcomes B, C is more favorable than A and B is more favorable than D because B absolutely opposes D and agrees with A.

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