Secrets of the Art Revealed


bullet1 Chapter 1 General properties of this Art and Science

bullet2 8. most delightful

Eight: This Art is most delightful

Whereas all natural objects are delightful to their natural power, so truth, which is the natural object of the intellect, and goodness, which is the natural object of the will, and the duration of both which is an object of memory, are delightful: and the more these three powers surpass the lower powers in nobility and perfection, the more the delight of the former surpasses the delight of the latter: and as my Art and Science dispose the said three powers to rise aloft through the influence of the Supreme Object and to be perfected  both extensively and intensively beyond number and measure in their operations, my Son, who can estimate the delight of a fortunate soul enjoying its most delightful object with the help of my Art?

"If you are moved to learn this Art because you find it useful, first be prepared to receive A. and to love this camera and every one of its parts more than anything else, and to subordinate everything else to it; for no one who delights in anything contrary to it can ever attain it, but only those who are betrothed to it in heart and soul; and if you come across anything contrary to it, you must repel it like venom, always keeping in mind that you have chosen the Art in preference to everything else." (Doctor Illum. in Introd. Art. Dem. cap. 1. n. 4. f. 3.)